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Where to Eat in Copenhagen

August 11, 2017
nyvahn copenhagen where to eat

I think it’s time for me to post this Where to Eat “series” about Copenhagen. If you’ve been following my blog, you probably knew that I was solo traveling for the first time to Copenhagen. There were many things to worry about as a first-timer solo traveler. One of them is where to eat in Copenhagen. I know it may seems like a very simple question, but if you think about it deeply (research-like depth), it’s endless type of worry. Starting from will I look weird if I eat alone in this restaurant or cafe or bar? Do they accept reservation for one? Which one is authentic Nordic cuisine? You get the idea, everything can be turned into worrisome matter.

where to eat copenhagen

Honestly, everything in Copenhagen is friendly. Actually I don’t give a damn shit being a lonely, weird asian girl in a resto/cafe. So here’s some of the restaurant/cafe that I truly recommend for you to try when you’re in Copenhagen. I personally attracted to the atmosphere slightly more than the food itself. That is why you’ll find great interior of the restaurant/cafe/bar.

Cafe Glyptoteket

Starting with Cafe Glyptoteket, where it is located inside Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum. Among the beautiful Winter Garden of Glyptotek Museum, I had my morning breakfast. I couldn’t ask for more beautiful, somehow-tropical view with my cappuccino and salmon smørrebrod. The food and coffee isn’t that bad too! Nothing can beat Glyptoteket indoor winter garden and if you know one, tell me ASAP! If any of my friends ask me where to eat in Copenhagen, I will tell them to come here first.

Open bread Salmon Cafe Glyptoteket

Union Kitchen

I dedicated a blog post solely for Union Kitchen. I had the best breakfast and not to mention their truffle fries (to die for). It is located near Nyhavn and amongst the very saturated restaurants alley. They also serve coffee with extra attitude (see picture), which I likey. Where to eat brunch in Copenhagen, I’d say The Union Kitchen. This place is also perfect for solo travelers because you don’t need reservation for one. Just slide in.

The Union Kitchen Copenhagen Denmark


Torvehallerne is the food haven in the middle of the bustling Copenhagen. There are two building and each stall (that I believe is more than 60) sells different things. From butchery, bakery, to pans and vegetables to sushi and seafood. The food stalls ranged within food and beverage. I was wrong coming during lunch time. It was packed like rush hour. I have to line up a very long line for piece of smørrebrod. Which I abandoned in the end. The line, not the smørrebrod cause I didn’t get it. But it was interesting place where I like to believe that it is where to locals hangout. And tourists love where locals hangout.

where to eat copenhagen torvehallerne

Coffee Collective

I went for Coffee Collective while I was still in Torvehallerne. Actually, I wanted to go to their cafe, but it was too far by foot. Oh, and I was kinda stupid with using their public transportation. But I found it in Torvehallerne and give it ago. I’m writing this after so many months so I don’t remember the significant of the cappuccino. And I don’t remember complaining about it, so I guess it was a’ight. 


Royal Smushi Cafe

I heard about the smushi of Royal Smushi. Smushi is a combination of smørrebrod and sushi. You can read more about Royal Smushi that I wrote about it here. If you already read it, then you know that I didn’t try the Smushi. They have time on when they will start serving the smushi. I did try their breakfast and it was nothing to complaint about. They’re definitely winning in interior though. And I definitely need more time to be in Royal Smushi Cafe.

Royal Smushi Cafe Copenhagen

Aamanns Deli

Aamanns Deli is one of my highlights during my time in Copenhagen. I was really into trying smørrebrod and want to try the best one. I searched it up and encountered Aamanns Deli. Specializing in smørrebrod, I took no time in ordering the tasting menu in Aamanns Deli. You can see more about Aamanns Deli here. Where to eat smørrebrod? Aamanns Deli!!!!!

Aamanns Deli Smorrebrod tasting menu


I didn’t get in to this one. Saw Brønnum in the morning while I was exploring Copenhagen and probably to early for cocktails. Later at night, I was too tired to even make a detour to Brønnum because I was walking the whole time. When I saw just the front of Brønnum, something tells me it’s an amazing bar (either the beverages or the interior/atmosphere). Brønnum give me another reason to go back to Copenhagen 😉

where to eat copenhagen bronnum


Lagkagehuset is a bakery with a wide range of bread and pastries. I was nearby Christianshavn and saw this bakery with their pastries on window display. Lagkagehuset also serve sandwiches and other savoury stuff that is worth to try. Where to eat when you’re on budget (money wise and time wise), Lagkagehuset is the perfect place. Where to eat in Copenhagen if you have sweet tooth? I’d say Lagkagehuset too.

where to eat copenhagen lagkagehusetwhere to eat copenhagen lagkagehuset 2

Papirøen (Paper Island)

Papirøen or Copenhagen Street Food is full of diverse cuisines from all over the world. The sad news is that they are closing at the end of this year (2017). For me, Copenhagen Street Food is the most chill and it seems like the food festival in Switzerland (see here, here, here, here). There are more than 30 stalls and it did gave me a hard time to choose what to eat. Great place to be with friends and when you have tight budget.

paper island copenhagen street food


I bet a lot of people know the award-winning, two-Michelin stars restaurant, Noma. It’s best known for its Nordic Cuisine. Noma is a molecular gastronomy restaurant and serve a 20-course meals in one seating. Although right now they are temporarily closed, I just can’t help myself to mention Noma. I, myself, didn’t eat here because it was way more than my budget. Hopefully one day I will be experiencing Noma where ever they are, at that time.

noma copenhagen

Other Places to Eat in Copenhagen

I believe there’s endless restaurants, cafes, bars, to try in Copenhagen. Everybody have their own preferences on where to eat in Copenhagen. Use Internet or locals are the simple way to find great place to eat. If you have any personal favorite restaurant, cafe, bar, food truck, or anything, please do share it with me 🙂 I’m looking forward to it.

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