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Bern Street Food Festival 2016

January 7, 2017

Continuing from my previous Bern trip post, I went to Bern Street Food Festival to eat early dinner. I’ve been a big fan of Street Food Festival in Switzerland. I went to Zurich and Geneva Street Food Festival in 2015 and ever since then, I can’t wait to visit more of them. The Bern Street Food Festival 2016 is smaller compare to Zurich. The one in Zurich I think it’s the biggest one I’ve ever visited and had the most varied type of food and food stand. It felt more festive in Zurich Street Food Festival than the one in Bern.

Asian Food in Bern Festival

What I Ate

Rockfood Burger and Chips

This burger by Rockfood is sensational! I bought the cheesy bacon burger and chips for CHF 19. What could go wrong with cheese and bacon in a burger, am I right? Eat it right after you got the burger cause it’s the best when it’s hot (golden rule?).

Rockfood Burger Standburger grillingburger in the makingRockfood Burger and ChipsRockfood Burger

Vietnamese Spring Roll & Noodle

I’ve always have my eyes on Asian food in any Street Food Festival. Nothing like a great Asian street food when you’ve been away from Asia. And since I’ve been in love with Vietnam after my trip to Vietnam, I don’t mind to bring back the memory from a taste of spring roll (CHF 9) and vermicelli noodle (CHF 10, and which I believe is not at all a pho). I love the spring roll with shrimps rather than with meatballs and the sauce was amazing for Asian food in Europe, cause you can’t never expect too much from it.

Spring RollVietnamese Noodle

Danish Hot Dog

My friend bought this Danish hot dog (CHF 15) and the bread was the hardest I’ve ever eaten for a hot dog. For a hot dog with too many things on it, it was too much and too messy. It’s frustrating to eat this because right before you it, you can’t even bite the super hard bread and all the toppings fall off. Definitely not my fave form Bern Street Food Festival.

Danish Hot Dog

Beef Skewers

For the most attractive food in Bern Street Food Festival (2016), I have to give it to this beef skewer food stall (CHF 13). I was wrong of buying this dish the last, cause I can’t truly enjoy something when I’m already full. Apart from that, the bread is really helpful in neutralizing the very salty meat.

beef skewersbeef skewer


What’s better for dessert in a street food festival than churros? The answer is I can’t think of anything better than that. This is the very same churros stand I tried in Zurich Street Food Festival. The classic sugar and cinnamon churros (CHF 7) is the best closure after a huge meal in a street food festival.


That is it for the Bern Street Food Festival that I visited in 2016 (around September-ish).

P.s.: I know it is like super late to post this. Better late than never. I still got a hell loooooooot of things to share and procrastination keeps inviting me to play with them. But I think I’m back on track now and ready to share my trips again :D.

Bern at Night

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