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Aamanns Deli Copenhagen

May 31, 2017

When in Copenhagen, you have to eat smørrebrød for sure. Like it must be on your first must-eat when you travel to Denmark. And if you happens to be in Copenhagen, I know the best place for smørrebrød (at least it’s the best for me). If you don’t know what is smørrebrød, then you haven’t read my blog post about Glyptoteket. And if Royal Smushi Cafe is specializing in smushi and Danish traditional cuisine, Aamanns Deli & Take Away is specializing in smørrebrød.

Aamanns Deli Smorrebrod tasting menu.jpg

How to Get to Aamanns Deli?

Aamanns itself have two types of restaurant. One of them is Aamanns Deli & Take Aways, where they sell mainly smørrebrød. I searched on the trusty and almighty Google, the word deli is a shorten of delicatessen. Delicatessen means “A delicatessen or deli is a retail establishment that sells a selection of unusual or foreign prepared foods”. Smørrebrød itself is already unusual for foreigners and probably that is why Aamanns focuses on that particular dish. Well enough of me babbling, and let me tell you the location already. It is located in Øster Farimagsgade 10 and if you scroll down, I’ll give you the exact location from Google Map. You can go there by car, bus, bike or foot. I walked most of the time when I was in Copenhagen and it was easy peasy.

The other Aamanns is Aamanns Etablissement and it’s just right next to Aamanns Deli. Door to door, but I didn’t try out Aamanns Etablissement. It said from the website, they are famous for their “Aamanns Lunch”.

What to Order in Aamanns Deli?

Aamanns smorrebrod denmark

Since I was solo traveling when I was in Copenhagen, that means I cannot share my food. So I ordered the tasting menu, which include four different type of smørrebrød. From left to right:

  1. Avocado with pickled onion, lemon cream, cabbage and rye chips
  2. Egg with smoked salmon, mayonnaise with dill pickled and raw fennel and rye crumbs
  3. Chicken salad with mustard, celeriac, apple, little gem salad and chicken skin
  4. Beef tartare with a herb-emulsion, cucumber, capers, shallots and potato chips

Every single bite of my small smørrebrøds were damn amazing. I cannot imagine more perfect combination of ingredients than what they put together. It can be challenging to eat everything in one go without making it messy. My favorite smørrebrød from those four is the one with beef tartare (coz I love beef tartare). But the one that unexpectedly surprised me is the one with chicken skin, it was seriously mouth-watering. Every single food in Aamanns Deli seems like a piece of art.

Aamanns smørrebrød 1Aamanns smørrebrød 2Aamanns smørrebrød 3Aamanns smørrebrød 4

Have you tried smørrebrød or Aamanns before? How was your experience with it?


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    Girllll I wanna try them all ??? great post as usual, you deffo deserve more traffic! ??? Maybe next time you can try capturing the food from multiple angles, and omit repeating words from the text just to take away the unnecessaries (i made that word up lol). Otherwise awesome job ???

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