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Vevey Riviera Food Festival 2017

July 29, 2017

Vevey Food Festival 2017 is my last food festival in Switzerland as I’m leaving the country (for good). Crying a bit inside because I haven’t visit most of the food fest. Oh well, better make this last food fest the best I’ve ever had. And guess what? It was the best I’ve ever had. Accompanied by my two eating & travel buddies, I wouldn’t be able to try this much amount of food without them <3. Beware if you’re reading this when empty stomach. I was writing this in the middle of the night and my saliva production was like never before.

If you haven’t see my other visit to different food festival, you probably should. Here’s the link to make your life a bit easier: Zurich, Geneva, Bern

Alimentarium fork vevey swiss

We started off from Vevey train station, we walk down to the lake. It was quite easy to spot the Vevey Riviera Food Festival 2017 as the location is along the banks of the lake. We were blessed with great weather. The sun shined very brightly till I don’t need ISO and the wind blew just the right amount to reduce the heat. The Vevey food festival was held in April, which explains a lot regarding the beautiful weather.

Vevey Food Festival


After taking picture of the big fork just right in front of the Alimentarium, a food museum, I went inside for the eye-pleasing scenery of hanging plants. I’ve previously enter Alimentarium. Personally speaking, the museum is a bit childish for me. Although it is very nicely arranged and easy to understand, it is more suitable for children. Alimentarium also have cafe, store, and their own garden full of produces.

alimentarium-vevey-swissAlimentarium swiss vevey

Before we move to the main dish of this blog post, I just want to say I tried my best to find the link of the restaurant/food vendor. But if I don’t put it, that means I cannot find their official website/link. Bon Appétit!

Funky BBQ

Funky BBQ is the first food vendor I stop for in Vevey Food Festival. Ordered Mac & Cheese for CHF 4. They also sell BBQ ribs, which I probably should’ve tried but didn’t. Not much to say about their Mac & Cheese other than it’s just like any normal Mac & Cheese. The portion of it Mac & Cheese also seems like a kid menu lol.


The Gentleman Lobster

While I was getting Mac & Cheese from Funky BBQ, my friend was queuing for lobster and beef burger for CHF 18. The Gentleman Lobster‘s burger was so damn good. It was also complete with bacon, tomatoes and lettuce. Satiation-wise, lobster and beef burger is good enough. And of course, it is much more delicious than McDonald’s.

the gentleman lobstergentleman lobster burger food fest

Lobster & Co.

The most beautiful food in Vevey Food Festival that I ate goes to Lobster & Co.. I ordered the Riviera Connection (CHF 12) because they include avocado in it. Not only it was good for Instagram picture and colorful food presentation, the gave generous lobster in it. The value for price is also considerably worth it. I just love everything about this dish, the freshness and easy on the eyes.

Lobster & Co. hotdog veveylobster-&-co-vevey-food-fest-swiss


From the name itself is self-explanatory. Pizza al taglio means pizza in large rectangular shape. Just like Ed Sheeran’s song, Shape of You, I’m in love with this pizza shape. Not only they give generous portion and beautiful to look at, it is appetizing. I chose the Pomodorini E Burrata Pizza and it’s CHF 6.50. In Vevey Food Festival, I think Nero’s Pizza is the best in term of value and money.

Nero Pizza Al Tagliopizza nero's swiss vevey foodNero's pizza pomodorini e burrata and lobster & co

Chicken Beignet

I forgot to write down the vendor of this food and utterly disappointed. Not because I didn’t write it down. But because I thought this will be similar with the famous Cafe du Monde’s Beignet (that Kim K loves). When you thought it’s sweet beignet but turns out it’s chicken beignet *insert disappointed-face meme*. It was quite dull eating it alone, so I put some tabasco to spice it up. One cup of chicken beignet (4-5 pieces) is CHF 10.

Beignet Chicken vevey festival

Rock ‘n’ Salt

Rock ‘n’ Salt give me the Johnny Rockets vibe. The fried prawn from Rock ‘n’ Salt is CHF 15. I’m a prawn lover and once I saw people eating the fried prawn, I was intrigued to get one too. That’s the fun thing about food festival, you can see what other people eat in the street and so much cuisine variety in one location. What makes Rock ‘n’ Salt’s fried prawn great is the sauce. It was like the cherry on top.


Chez Henri

Chez Henri have different type of oyster. I honestly don’t know the difference at all so I went for the CHF 5 one. Yes, CHF 5 for just one oyster. They open it up in front of me and handed me in a bamboo platter. It was quite awkward because usually people buy 3 or more oyster and I bought only one. So I have to hold the big bamboo plate with one, small oyster on it. Chez Henri’s oyster is just alright if I compared it to the one I had in Portugal.


Flamm Lachs

Flammlachs is literally means flame salmon. A portion of fresh scandinavian salmon with bread and potato is CHF 9. Most of the vendors in Vevey Food Festival is burger, burger and burger. So it was quite refreshing to see flamed salmon among the other vendors. Flamm Lachs offers several menu option and the portion is just alright. Probably more like tasting menu rather than stomach-fulfilling type of dish.

flamm-lachs-vevey-food-festivalflamm lachs vevey food fest

Boucherie Ruchet & Fils

My friends and I were looking for this beef for the entire time when we were there. We saw people eating this delicious looking roast beef one we got to Vevey Food Festival. Finally, we found it when we were about to give up. The dish from Ruchet & Fils is the reason why I will never be a vegetarian. This beef salad (CHF 19) is just gracious. Especially with that arugula salad and parmesan cheese, my life seemed complete for a moment. Roast beef at its best.

Ruchet & Fils BoucherieBeef Salad Ruchet & Fils swiss

Bonus Round: Must Have in Montreux, Foie Gras Burger

I’ve heard about the “Great” Foie Gras Burger in Montreux Casino. Heard it so many times but only this time I got the chance to try it out. During Montreux Christmas Market I also mention about foie gras sandwich. It is similar but the foie gras sandwich is just bread and foie gras. It is unbelievably delicious almost like a sin haha. Not a big fan of the fries though, I prefer more crunchy fries.


If you happen to be in Switzerland, check out Switzerland street food festival. Hopefully one of the events match your time in Switzerland. I cannot recommend enough about this food festival because it is food heaven for foodies.


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