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Eat Like Locals in Bali

September 1, 2016
Revolver Espresso Bali

Where to eat like locals in Bali? After several visit to Bali since I was a kid, my family and I’ve become fond toward some places to eat. These places is not particularly a restaurant and not the typical touristy place. Although I’m not a local in Bali myself, the places I will mention below are quite famous among Indonesian people.

And If you’re wondering on what to do in Bali aside from culinaire, The Crazy Tourist can show you the 55 Best Things to Do in Bali (and some of the activities that I didn’t even know of as Indonesian!). There’s definitely so much more than 55 things to do in Bali, but it’s all depends on how long you will stay in Bali. Besides, everyone has their own preferences.

As one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia, Asia and the whole wide world, Bali has endless restaurants, cafes, bars, places to hang out and they can be very innovative and over-the-top creative. I love trying out new places but I also have a must-to-go place whenever I’m in Bali. In this post, I have listed my top three fave from my last visit to Bali.

Sate Babi Bawah Pohon

The original, authentic, pioneer of pork satay or if I have to summarize in one word, oasis.

Sate Babi Bawah Pohon

Right after I got off the plane, I went straight to this place. Been eating here since I know this place and it wasn’t as crowded as these days. Sate Babi Bawah Pohon literally means pork satay under the tree and they’ve been selling pork skewer for 25 years! Now it has become one of the culinary destination for tourists. Kinda hate the crowdness, nevertheless happy for their success and suprisingly the taste never change.

Pork Skewer in the makingSate Babi eat like locals in bali

It is a just a simple pork satay and comes with the spicy salt dip. I honestly don’t know which part is more addictive between the pork or the dip itself because they are match made in heaven. I don’t really remember the price of one portion but it is very affordable and addicting. So addicting until one portion is never enough. They used to sell it under the tree (literally) but since the amount of customers they have has increased overtime, they are still in the same location just move on another side of the spot. This pork satay is a must try for everyone, no matter you’re a tourist or a local. Get ready to queue before you get yours.

Pork Satay

Warung 96 Pizzeria

I’d called this the pizza version of Dead Poet Society. Dead Pizza Society?

Warung 96 sign

Another childhood place of mine, kinda. What I mean by childhood is that I’ve been eating this pizza since I’m a single-digit years old. Introduced by my cousins, Warung 96 is different from other pizza restaurant because they have the special and traditional oven. I love how chill this place is and the location is very secluded. You have to go through small alley from the Kuta Beach to get here.

Warung 96Traditional oven warung 96

What to order in Warung 96? Pizzas!!! Like I said, because they have this special oven where they use wood to make fire and it tastes different when they cook/bake it. I always order the salami, Warung 96 special and calzone.

Calzone step by stepPizza in the makingCalzone Warung 96Sliced Calzoneeat like locals in baliWarung 96 pizza

Revolver Espresso, Seminyak

Hidden jewel in Seminyak.

Revolver Graffiti

About 3-4 hours before my flight, I visited Revolver Espresso Cafe. Although that means I had to hustle in the airport, I don’t have any regret visiting this cool coffee bar! Revolver Espresso call themselves as Boutique Coffee House. Once you enter by the cool wood door with ‘REVOLVER’ sign, you simply can feel the passion of coffee by the waiters and also the customers. The waiter that served me, he explained everything with so much passion. I never been explained by someone who’s so passionate and into coffee that much in my life!

Revolver Coffee Door Eat like locals in bali

The ambiance is another thing to talk about! There are several rooms with different atmosphere. They use mainly woods and rustic feels as their interiors but the smoking area too pretty to be use as a smoking area. The impression that Revolver Coffee House use the theme of cowboy because of the cactus and US flag and shotguns as their decoration.

Revolver EspressoSmoking Area Revolver

I didn’t order any food, but my family was ordering carrot cake and apple crumble. I believe they change their dessert menu from now and then because they don’t put it in the online menu. For the beverage, I ordered affogato, not like what I was expecting but it was agreeable. To be honest, I’m not a big coffee fan. So I cannot truly give my opinion in this cause it’s not my forte. Nevertheless, I give this place two thumbs up for ambiance and innovation!

Ice CoffeeApple Crumble RevolverCarrot CakeAffogato Revolver

Don’t forget to take a look on their merchandise just near the entrance. They sell cool clothing from tank tops, t-shirt, and sweater for men and women and other merchs and coffee stuff.

Shop at Revolver

Quick tips on how to eat like locals:

There are tons of cool, innovative place and it is endless if I have to list it. My tips for you is to avoid place like in mall or if it a franchise restaurant. Because there’s no surprise or uniqueness in that kind of restaurant, where you can basically find it everywhere. Try to ask a local, “where is the best local dish or pizza restaurant?” because they are the one who knows more about their region. You can also do your research beforehand through Internet such as Pinterest, TripAdvisor, Zomato (this one is quite popular in Indonesia) and pinpoint the places you wanna go.

Revolver Sign

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