Dreamland Beach in Bali

July 27, 2016
Landscape of Dreamland Beach

It was on the same day when I visited Pandawa Beach because the location is not so far by car (around 30 minutes). Dreamland Beach is located in Pecatu, South Kuta. I was having high expectation on this beach during sunset time especially after I went to Pandawa Beach. But I guess Dreamland Beach is not so dreamy after all.

Dreamland Sunset

Not so dreamy in Dreamland Beach? You might think I’m crazy by looking at the pictures that I took in Dreamland Beach. The beach itself does look amazing (thanks to my “amazing” photography and editing skills) but the actual situation is not so nice compare to the amount of people who visit Dreamland. Going to Dreamland Beach is quite easy, but then when you arrive at the entrance (and paid for), you need to take a shuttle to go to the actual location of Dreamland Beach. This part, I don’t like already, since I saw some people did make their way to the actual location of the beach with their own car and don’t have to pay. Like, if they want to make a system of entrance fee, which I don’t mind to pay as long as it is to keep the beach maintain, they should make it effectively!

Deck to Dreamland beach

Another thing about maintaining Dreamland Beach, the garbages control. It is very uncomfortable to see and smell the trash laying around in a tourist destination. Even the old buildings around the Dreamland Beach doesn’t seem like a nice-to-look-at buildings. It gives the impression of no respect towards the tourist destination and maybe also teaching the tourists that “it is fine to throw trash etc” in Dreamland Beach, which is not at all!

Garbages in Dreamland beachNew Kuta Beach Cafe

I must say, Indonesia has a lot of things to improve. We are blessed with unlimited, beautiful nature and by us making money out of it as a tourism, we also have to give something back to them (nature) and it can be as simple as maintaining it. Sorry if I’m been giving a long writing of lecture but Indonesia has a huge potential and definitely didn’t maximize it.

Sunset in DreamlandDreamland Beach

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  • Reply You know who July 30, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    Great post! completely agree with how Indo should start fixing their tourist areas and really making an effort to maintain them. Plus there are too many beautiful destinations that stay in the unknown due to our “awesome” marketing skills (notice the sarcasm? lol). Really bothers me that everyone thinks that Maldives is a dream land when Indo has much, much more to offer than Maldives – plus the prices! Imagine all the income Indo could harvest if it could only take care and promote this beautiful country the way it should 🙁

    • Reply michellefranciscalee August 10, 2016 at 5:45 am

      TOO MANY BREATHTAKING DESTINATIONS!! Like, countless!!! That’s why I’m studying hospitality and tourism now hehehe.. Gonna make Indonesia reach their tourism potential 😀

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