Pandawa Beach in Bali

July 7, 2016
Pandawa from above

I was in Bali! Finally I got a break from work (or more like internship) and escape to one of the jewel of Indonesia. The first beach I visit when I was in Bali is Pandawa Beach (Pantai Pandawa). It’s located at the south of Bali. It was my first time there. I was lucky enough to get the beautiful sky and weather as it was a disaster, scary waves around one week before I went to bali. But the waves are calmer now and you get both kind of blue.

Pantai Pandawa signPandawa Beach

I encountered a live ritual of Balinese people. There was a lot of offerings (food, flowers, etc) and it was also my first time watching it. I have no idea what were they praying for or why, but I have a feeling it was related to the big waves a week ago. It was very funny how they remain calm and continuing to do their ritual while all the people around (and by people I mean tourists) are looking at them and taking pictures (including me) like they are the exhibition.

Balinese ritualBalinese Ritual 2

The sea was very nice and unruffled. You can do kayaking and other stuff which I didn’t do because I wanted to visit Dreamland Beach as well in that one day. I would suggest you to drink coconut water and enjoying the view while in Pandawa Beach. A stroll along the beach would be nice too. The south part of Bali can be hot and humid compared to the north part.

Pantai PandawaSea and coconutPandawa Beach walkSea foam

Everything is so blue and beige, what a dreamy place for colors like this.

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