Tobogganing in Lake Oeschinen Switzerland

November 29, 2016
Lake Oeschinen

Continuing from my Lake Blausee trip, I went to Lake Oeschinen that is actually in the same region with Lake Blausee. I visited both lakes on 30th of July, 2016, so it was supposed to be a great day of summer and perfect to do tobogganing. And I believe that this tobogganing is only for summer time and on sunny day because it cannot be slippery.

Cablecar to Oeschinensee

Getting There

From anywhere you are, you should first go to Interlaken and from there you should take the train to Kandersteg. Once you arrived in Kandersteg, you should take a bus if you want to go to Lake Blausee. But if you want to go straight to Lake Oeschinen, you can either take a bus or walk to the cable car. You can also hike from to Lake Oeschinen, because it is in a highland and based on Google, it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. Switzerland is very great in providing information for hikers and you can get it from any train stations and any tourist informations.

For me, I took the cable car up to Lake Oeschinen because I wasn’t equipped to hike and I was with my friends who don’t like to hike. So… yeah… And that day, it was drizzling for a bit and I was already sad because I thought I’m not gonna do tobogganing cause that pretty much my reason why I went to Lake Oeschinen.

cable car to lake oeschinen

Tobogganing in Summer

When it rains, the tobogganing will automatically close because it is dangerous and slippery for the riders. Toboggan is like a sled and usually its for winter but the one in Lake Oeschinen is for summer time. There’s a track in the Lake Oeschinen toboggan and they provide the sleds where you can control it whether you want faster or slower.

Good thing that the drizzle stopped, my friends and I were able to do the tobogganing activity. You can buy the single ticket where you are allowed to do toboggan once. The one that I bought was the ticket for 10 rides. So I can just scan this ticket for ten times without queueing again to buy the ticket.

The toboggan is just next to the cable car in the highland (dunno if this how it called) but you are not in Lake Oeschinen yet. To get to the Lake Oeschinen, you still need to walk for about 15-20 minutes by following the pathway. I seriously recommend the tobogganing because it is the most fun part of my Lake Oeschinen trip (that’s also because I was too late to arrive and didn’t get the chance to do water activities in Lake Oeschinen).

Tobogan in Lake Oeschinen

Pathway to Oeschinensee

The area of Lake Oeschinen is surrounded by mountains and forests. It’s very back-to-nature kind of trip and this place is quite popular for hikers. During the summer and although it was cloudy day, Lake Oeschinen and it surrounds are very calming in a way. The walk is pretty easy, anyone can do it and doable for people who don’t use proper sport shoes. The nature is very rural yet they are welcoming you and give you the “Sound of Music” vibe. Bottom line, it’s very nature place and perfect for you who called yourself nature lover.

view to lake oeschinenforest near oeschinenseemountain on the way to oeschinenseeforest and mountain in Switzerlandpathway to oeschinen lakeway to lake oeschinen

Lake Oeschinen

I’m running out of words that have the same meaning of beautiful, amazing, and breathtaking. I personally love lake mountains and Lake Oeschinen is one of the lake mountains in Switzerland. Compare to Lake Blausee, I don’t think Lake Oeschinen has any legend. Now I will let the pictures that I took speak to you on how beautiful they are.

Lake OeschinenBoats in Lake OeschinenseeRestaurant in Lake OeschinenLake Oeschinensee
Boats to rentBy the Lake OeschinenOeschinensee PortraitIce Cream in Oeschinensee

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  • Reply Gisel December 12, 2016 at 6:50 am

    Omggg this is so beautiful babe. <3 would have loved to see more pictures (or even videos) of the tobogganing itself though, that seems really fun! Take me there when I go visit u in Swiss ok 😉

    • Reply michellefranciscalee December 12, 2016 at 7:06 am

      Awww thank you!!! You should definitely put this on your must-visit list when you go to SwitErland

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