Lake Blausee, Hidden Gem of Switzerland

September 13, 2016
Lake Blausee View from Above

“Jewel of a landscape immersed in magical forest solitude” said someone about Lake Blausee in 1885. So, lake enthusiast anyone? Well, this Lake Blausee in Switzerland has been one of my top place to go in my list and also should be yours too! This lake is actually an organic trout farm. The water of the lake is so clear and you can see the trout fishes swimming around. I translated Lake Blausee and it literally means Blue Lake, very suitable with the description of the lake. It was unbelievably blue.

Blausee Entrance

How to get there?

Getting to Lake Blausee can be quite difficult if you didn’t do any research beforehand, because the region is not as well known as Geneva, Zurich, Luzern or Bern. First, you have to go to Interlaken and from there you take a train to Kandersteg. From Kandersteg, you can take the bus to Blausee and the stop will be exactly across the entrance of Lake Blausee. The ticket price of the train can be varied depending where you take the train from. The bus ticket price is free if you show them your train ticket. You definitely can drive to Lake Blausee but I think it will be a hustle to park your car as it can get very crowded, mostly during the weekends.

By Train & Bus: From where ever you are –> Interlaken –> Kandersteg –> Lake Blausee

Lake Blausee Guest HouseMountain in Lake BlauseeBig Trout in Blausee

What to do in Lake Blausee?

Once you paid the entrance fee, which is around CHF 4.50 (for student), CHF 7 (for adult), and the prices for children are varied depends on their age. To reach the Lake Blausee, you have to walk through the forest for about 5-10 minutes. Don’t worry if you are bringing kids or baby with a stroller, the paths are paved and it’s easy to get around. The whole site of Lake Blausee is one big nature park where you can do activities when it’s not winter. For instance, you can ride a glass-bottom boat around the beautiful lake, playground for kids area,  picnic areas complete with fireplaces, visiting the little museum of Blausee, visiting the organic trout farm, fishing the trout during the Fishing Event in October, eat in the Restaurant Blausee or Pizzeria Conventino, or stay in the hotel of Lake Blausee and try the spa in there.

Picnic in Lake BlauseeBoat on Lake BlauseeLake Blausee PortraitLake Blausee picsBoat on Lake Blausee

Or you can just simply admire the beauty of this place, stroll around the lake (and the forest) and take a lot of photograph because this Lake Blausee nature park is extremely photogenic. All the results from what you photograph will come out amazing, I promise. You can see that I’m taking almost the same pictures, that’s because I just can’t get enough of this place!

Lake Blausee, Blue LakeBlue Lake BlauseeLake Blausee in Swiss

One thing you have to do for sure in Lake Blausee is to see the statue of a girl from the bridge. There’s a legend in Lake Blausee about a girl who was drowning in Lake Blausee because of a broken heart and from then the colour of the lake turn into the colour of the girl’s eye, which is crystal clear blue. The statue is not the real girl, but it is to remember the sad story and to honour the girl.

Lake Blausee LegendTrees and Leaves in BlauseeLake Blausee View

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  • Reply Gisela October 7, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    From wherever you are –> Interlaken
    Melbourne –> Interlaken is so far!! 🙁

    I wanna go there someday, when’s the best season for it? Would Fall be ideal probs?

    Gisel 😉

    • Reply michellefranciscalee October 7, 2016 at 1:40 pm

      For Interlaken, I would say spring and summer where you can do activities like paragliding, rafting and such. But if you like skiing, you should cone during winter. ???

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