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How to Cafe Hunting in Seoul | 11 Must-Visit Cafe in Seoul

December 13, 2017
Must Visit Cafe in Seoul

Other than my continuous photo-hunting in Seoul, I was also doing cafe hunting as well. Seoul has so much to offer in term of culinary. I personally really, really love to find a off-beaten place where not many people knows. For me, I love secluded cafe that have so much to offer and they have amazing vibe/concept with it. That is why I’m creating this must visit cafe in Seoul list. All the listed cafes below are my recommended ones with by no means that I’m an expert in cafe or F&B. And ofc, I haven’t visit all the cafes in Seoul (it would be an absolute dream though…). There might be hundreds that you can find from other websites, etc.

The order of the list is random and it is quite a long post ahead cause I put all of my heart in every pictures and words. I also put the address in Map Itinerary section at the very bottom of this post. You can appreciate this post by like and subscribe ♥.

Namsan Tower in Seoul

By the way, if you haven’t see my blog post about little guide to Namsan Tower, you should check it out by clicking here. I also posted some pictures, result from my photo hunting in Namsan.

Must Visit Cafe in Seoul

I didn’t put any price or the food that I ordered specifically. It was because I enjoyed myself too much when I was cafe-hunting. All the food that I ordered are affordable and I’m sure you have your own preferences. Other cafes that I suggest you to go when in Seoul are in Hongdae, Gangnam, Garosu-gil, Itaewon, and Line, Kakao Cafes (those mainstream places).

1. Cafe Mula

Cafe Mula is located in Garosu-gil, one of the very popular streets in Seoul (keyword is Garosu-gil, lol). My friend recommended this beautiful cafe and it is a bit far from the main street. Make sure you bring out your map to point out the direction to this cafe. What I can describe this cafe by word is bright. The interior gives me this Tumblr-ish, bright aesthetic feeling. But, the highlight of my visit to this cafe is the tiramisu. I know my tiramisu by heart and soul, so I know that Cafe Mula’s tiramisu is bomb. I also suggest you to take a seat in the rooftop (outdoor) when the weather is collaborating. Beware of the peak hour because you might not get a seat.

cafe mula seoul travel michellefranclee-7cafe-mula-seoul-travel-michellefranclee-9cafe mula tiramisu seoul travel michellefranclee-1cafe-mula-seoul-travel-michellefranclee-8

2. Holmes Bakehouse

Are you a keen pastries lover? Holmes Bakehouse is quite famous and they only have it in San Francisco and Seoul. I know how crazy it can get in San Francisco (that I heard of) and they say it’s more chill in Seoul. What I mean by chill is that the pastries won’t sold out the moment they open. I’m not saying that Holmes Bakehouse in Seoul is bad though. I tried the famous cruffin and took picture with the “I got baked” sign (my only two purpose lol). The cruffin is surprisingly really good and the unforgettable-kind-of-pastry. This place is definitely a tourist spot. If you know the off-peak time or if you just want to take away the pastries, you should go here.

holmes bakehouse seoul travel michellefranclee-4holmes bakehouse seoul travel michellefranclee-3holmes bakehouse seoul travel michellefranclee-1holmes bakehouse seoul travel michellefranclee-5holmes bakehouse seoul travel michellefranclee-2

3. One in a Million Cafe

I was still in Hannam-dong, then my friend recommended me this cafe since I was closeby. It was my third cafe that day and I was kinda high on sugar and coffee. I truly enjoy the interior, but I can’t say much more than that because I only drink a cup of tea. I would definitely come back here if I ever travel back to Seoul (and continue my cafe hunting). One in a Million cafe also gives me that Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram (and any other social media name) aesthetic vibe. If you don’t know what I mean, you should go here and then you know what I mean.

cafe one in a million seoul travel michellefranclee-1cafe one in a million seoul travel michellefranclee-3cafe-one-in-a-million-seoul-travel-michellefranclee-7cafe one in a million seoul travel michellefranclee-6cafe one in a million seoul travel michellefranclee-5

4. Botanique

After my photo-hunting session in Namsan Tower, I went down and got a little bit lost after a bus ride. I was so determined to go to this museum called Leeum Samsung Museum and it happened to be situated in Hannam-dong. For me, Hannam-dong is cafe haven or district for me and my favorite area to stroll. And guess what? I stumbled upon Botanique Cafe. If I’m allowed to describe myself as a cafe, Botanique Cafe is ME! Everything in and out of Botanique Cafe screams everything that I like!!! I was just in awe when I saw this cafe. I ordered randomly so I can quickly take a sit and admire the cafe.

The fact that they have this botanical theme cafe in the middle of bustling Seoul already give me goosebumps. Also, this Botanique Cafe is part of a flower-class called “Botanique” and it’s just steps away from the cafe. This should be your top must visit cafe in Seoul if you’re nature lover.

botanique cafe in seoul travel 6cafe botanique seoul travel 3botanique cafe in seoul travelcafe botanique seoul travel 3cafe botanique seoul travel 5botanique cafe in seoul travel 2botanique cafe seoul travelcafe botanique seoul travelcafe botanique seoul travel 1cafe botanique seoul travel 7

5. On Ne Sait Jamais

On Ne Sait Jamais Cafe is the cafe I went after my visit to Leeum Samsung Museum (same area with Botanique Cafe, One in a Million Cafe, in Hannam-dong). I love the tiles and the seating arrangement of On Ne Sait Jamais because it is very different from the other cafe. After I went to this cafe, I look it up for the address and found out that they call this cafe as bath house cafe cause the interior is like bath house. It is actually the smallest cafe compare to the other (from this list) but I love the ambiance and the tiramisu. Yes, again the tiramisu. I saw some people bought the cakes (whole cakes) to take away so I’m making an assumption that their cakes product is best seller. They have variety of cakes but this girl has one stomach sadly (and not so elastic).

cafe in seoul on ne sait jamaiscafe on ne sait jamais seoul travel michellefranclee-12Must Visit Cafe In Seoulcafe on ne sait jamais seoul travel michellefranclee-12cafe on ne sait jamais seoul travel michellefranclee

6. Dae Oh Bookstore Cafe

The first cafe I visited when I arrived is Dae Oh Bookstore Cafe. This cafe is beyond words and literally one of a kind. Thanks to my dear friend who took me here, it is actually used to be a resident of a grandma who then died and took over by their children and turn it into a cafe. If you are interested on how the Korean house in the olden days, you should come here. It is also a very Instagrammable spot and my friend said some Korean celebrities (like IU, if you know her) took picture here.

Everything inside the house is still authentic and kept that way. I’d say this is one of my ultimate favorite because if you ask me to find another cafe that have similar vibe, the answer is none. This is definitely one of the top must visit cafe in Seoul.

Dae Oh bookstore cafe seoul travelDae Oh bookstore cafe seoul travelDae Oh bookstore cafe seoul travelDae Oh bookstore cafe in seoul travelDae Oh cafe seoul travel michellefranclee-11Dae Oh cafe seoul travel michellefranclee-7Dae Oh bookstore cafe seoul travelDae Oh cafe seoul travel michellefranclee-6Dae Oh bookstore cafe seoul travel

7. Cafe Spring

I stumbled upon this Cafe Spring and honestly, it is one of the best stumbled-upon cafes. The vibe that they emit is very rustic and homey. It felt like Cafe Spring came straight out from Kinfolk magazine. Although I never read Kinfolk before lol. The aesthetic atmosphere is really making you want to stay as long as you want and take as much picture as you can. And the way they give little slice of brownies with my tea is just pure delight. The staff is also one of the friendliest people.

cafe spring seoul travel michellefranclee-12cafe spring seoul travel michellefrancleecafe spring cafe in seoulcafe spring seoul travel michellefrancleecafe spring seoul travel michellefrancleecafe spring seoul travel michellefranclee-3cafe spring seoul travel michellefrancleecafe spring cafe in seoul

8. Bean Tree Coffee Photography Cafe

Who’s idea to put photography and cafe together? Cause it’s really brilliant and especially when you can pull it off. I traveled far to Seongsu (it was far from where I stay) to see this photography cafe. The cafe is decorated with old cameras and also photo exhibition every now and then. Didn’t try their coffee, only tea lol I was so weak after all of the traveling. I was mostly interested with the photo exhibition. But overall, this cafe is really great especially for people who’s into photography community.  The exterior of this cafe is definitely made deliberately for taking pictures.

photography cafe seoul travelphotography-cafe-seoul-travel-michellefranclee-11photography cafe seoul travelphotography cafe seoul travelphotography cafe in seoul photography cafe seoul travelphotography cafe seoul travel michellefranclee-10

9. 813 Baesan Daelim Cafe

This cafe is recommended by my friend (what to do without my friends lol). I think at the time, they were doing either reconstruction or renovation. Daelim Cafe is a warehouse cafe and they do have delicious drink (the one in the picture). This Daelim Cafe is in Seongsu and nearby the photography cafe. It is one spacious cafe but felt empty. Probably because the renovation thingy and they taking/putting furnitures so I don’t really feel the theme they’re trying to tell. However, I really love the drink that I ordered. Damn my memory and my organization skill for not taking notes!

daelim cafe seoul travel 813 baesandaelim cafe seoul travel 813 baesan

10. Cafe in Hanok Village

I don’t really remember the exact address of this cafe, but it is in one of the traditional hanok houses in Hanok village. They specialized in traditional Korean drinks and I ordered sikhye. Sikhye is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage. This one is more like for a show house and goes really well with Hanbok (if you are renting/wearing it). The staffs are very friendly and they know that pictures are important and willingly to take it for you.

hanok village cafe seoul travel michellefranclee-1

11. Sulbing Patbingsu

Sulbing is a place where they specialized in famous Korean dessert, Patbingsu (lol no brainer there). A friend of my took me to this place and it seriously raised my patbingsu standard. Now I demand every Patbingsu cafe in Indonesia to at least make it right. The one that I tried was the Melon and strawberry cheesecake. Personally, I wouldn’t come here alone because the patbingsu itself is a lot and rather have a company to eat with. There are other dessert menu but I suggest you to try the bingsu.

patbingsoo sulbing cafe in seoul

Map Itinerary

Hope you enjoy my Must Visit Cafe in Seoul list :).

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