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Little Guide of Namsan Tower in Pictures

November 20, 2017
Namsan Tower in Seoul

Namsan Tower is considered as the landmark of Seoul. Striving proud and tall in the middle of bustling metropolitan, you can clearly see Namsan Tower from everywhere in Seoul. Yet, the reason tourists and locals go to Namsan Tower is to lock their love in Namsan Tower. If you’ve seen K-drama or Korean TV show, you might know about the love lock. It is also serves as an observatory, plaza and places to eat. This is a small guide to Namsan Tower in Seoul.

Namsan Seoul Korea Michelle Franc-Lee Travel

There’s two way to go to Namsan Tower, which is by foot or by cable car. The cable car station is nearby Myeongdong area. You can buy a return-way trip or just one way. I bought the one-way trip to go up and determine to go down by foot. Not only I saved a bit of money, but also you will have the chance to look around, take pictures and exercise. Once you arrived at the top from the cable car ride, you can see the scenic view of Seoul city. It was foggy that day but in the end it created this cool fade illusion of the city. If you walk a bit further, you will start noticing locks hung everywhere in the fence. Most of the people buy or bring their own lock, write a note on the locks and lock it on the fence.

Seoul City Namsan View Travel BlogNamsan Tower Love Lock Seoul KoreaNamsan Tower Seoul Korea Michelle TravelNamsan Seoul Korea Michelle Travel

Namsan is actually the name of the mountain and the tower is called Seoul Tower Plaza. The plaza itself comprises of restaurants, museum, Hello Kitty Island, observatory and shops. You need to buy another entrance ticket to go to the observatory. It is a 360 observatory and you can see Seoul clearly if it wasn’t because of the fog. So I recommend you to go on sunny or bright day. What I like the most (other than the 360 view) is the souvenirs that they sell in the observatory because they are hella cute and I just wanna buy everything tbh. You can see more about the pricing, packages, opening hour and all things related to Namsan Tower in this website. By the way, if you go to the observatory, you should definitely go check out their toilet. Yes, the toilet! Because it has the best view of all time! The view is the city of Seoul.

Namsan Tower Seoul Michelle TravelNamsan View Seoul City Korea Michelle TravelNamsan Seoul Korea Michelle Travel Blog


At first, I wanted this blog post to be just an album of Namsan Tower from my photo-hunting session in there. Turns out it become a little guide and hopefully it’s helpful to you who are planning to visit Namsan Tower in Seoul. Here’s some of the pictures I took while I was in Namsan Tower and going down by foot.

namsan mountain hiking seoul michelle travel blogNamsan Mountain Hiking Seoul Michelle Travel Blognamsan tower seoul korea michelle travel blogNamsan Mountain Hiking Seoul Michelle Travel Blognamsan mountain hiking seoul michelle travel blognamsan mountain hiking seoul michelle travel blognamsan mountain hiking seoul view michelle travel blog

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Namsan Tower Seoul South Korea Michelle Franc-Lee

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  • Reply Asma November 21, 2017 at 12:06 am

    OH MY GOSH YES! Finally your first article on South Korea! I was waiting for this!
    Mount Namsan is a must to go to if you’re going to Seoul. And WOW, that scene from the bathroom… (I’m dead)
    Of course your photographic skills are just becoming better and better. And yup, I will WITHOUT FAIL use this little guide when I go to Namsan! Can’t wait for more SK and Japanese stuff! Fighting~ <3

    • Reply michellefranciscalee November 21, 2017 at 5:56 pm

      It was the most breathtaking bathroom view! I was so surprised when I entered the toilet and don’t know if I should pee or take picture first hahaha! Thank you for waiting too <3

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