Best Summer in Lake Caumasee

October 24, 2017

If you been reading my blog, you know I’m a lake lover. I’ve been living long enough in Switzerland but not long enough to see all the lakes! Before hiking in Zermatt to see the 5-Seenweg (5 lakes), I went to Lake Caumasee. Lake Caumasee has been sitting in my travel bucket list for quite a while. Adding the fact that it is located in Switzerland, I finally decided to visit Lake Caumasee before leaving Swiss for good. It was a perfect day in June and I was blessed with a perfect weather.

Lake Caumasee Swiss-13

How to Get to Lake Caumasee?

I used public transportation when traveled to Lake Caumasee. To get to Lake Caumasee, you have to take a train to Chur. From Chur, you will have to take a bus to Flims. From Flims, you will have to walk a little bit and you will see a funicular. You can go without the funicular and walk downhill to the Lake Caumasee if you want to save money. Lake Caumasee is located in the Romansch part of Switzerland, in Graubünden Canton. It was my first time being in the Romansch part and it’s not your typical Swiss tour. What I mean by Swiss tour is because it is not a usual place for group tour. I’ve been to several lakes in Switzerland and this is my favorite one during summer time. Lake Caumasee is truly the bluest lake (Lake Blausee is also super blue, but it’s a trout farm and you cannot swim in the lake).

Lake CaumaseeLake Caumasee

What to Do in Lake Caumasee?

Swim! Paddle-boarding! Sun-Bathing! Chill and relax! I didn’t know that Lake Caumasee is swimmable and didn’t bring any bathing suit. I regret it so much but I only can observe the others. Lake Caumasee is a true definition of summer time. Since my purpose going to Flims is to photo-hunting, I took endless pictures of Caumasee and it was still not enough to satisfy my need. Lake Caumasee is a paradise lies on earth. Even if you don’t do anything and just sightseeing in Caumasee, it’s more than enough. Lake Caumasee made me speechless.

Lake Caumasee Swiss-24Lake CaumaseeLake Caumasee Swiss-16Lake Caumasee Swiss-18

If you want to continue your journey from Lake Caumasee, you can go for a little hike (more like a walk actually) to Swiss Grand Canyon. The Swiss Grand Canyon is called Ruinaulta and you can see rockslides and train track from above. I recommend this very much as it is very near and just 30 minutes away from an astonishing panorama. Blog post about Ruinaulta, Swiss Grand Canyon will be up soon.

Swiss Grand Canyon

Lake Caumasee in Pictures

If I keep talking (or writing), I will keep saying that Lake Caumasee is amazing, beautiful, breathtaking and keep repeating those words again. First, because I’m lacking in vocabulary department and I don’t know any other words that can truly describe Lake Caumasee. So allow me to let the pictures I took to speak to you. This time, I try to edit as natural as it looks in real life.

Lake Caumasee Swiss-25Lake CaumaseeLake Caumasee Swiss-26Lake CaumaseeLake Caumasee

Map Itinerary

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    Amazing words and pictures

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    Wow I saved almost all the pictures in my computer ? You should go for an international photography competition, Michelle! ?

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