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A Day in Milan

January 11, 2017

I’ve been looking forward to visit Milan even if it for a day. This is my third trip to Milan and I keep finding new things to be explore. The weather was shitty at first, but it gets better as time goes by. I never actually plan anything when I’m in Milan, letting Milan surprise me everytime I’m there. One thing for sure, Milan is great for fashion and shopping.

Monumento Equestre a Vittorio Emanuele IIinfront Vittorio Emanuele IIInside Galeria Vittorio

Il Mercato del Duomo

After several hours of bus ride from Switzerland, I was starving and ready to indulge any food. My friends and I decided to eat in il Mercato del Duomo, some kind of food court  near Milan Cathedral and around 1-2 minutes walk from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It has several floors and it’s like the fast food of Italian food. It took me about 3 minutes until my food is ready. I ordered pasta carbonara with starter of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and a bottle of water. The food is around €10 for everything (it’s a package).

Galeria Vittorio and SpaghettiA Vittorio Emanuele IIGaleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Duomo Milano Cathedral Rooftop

Next stop is Milan Cathedral, the famous Duomo Milano and has become the icon of Milan. I did went inside during my last visit, but this time I went to the rooftop of Milan Cathedral. You can either use elevator or take the stairs to the rooftop. I chose the stairs and the entrance fee is €9, and the elevator entrance fee is not that big of difference. Beware that the stairs to Duomo Milano rooftop is very narrow (and it’s two-ways stairs) and the stair is very ancient. It might seems endless when you take the stairs, because you cannot see where you are when you are climbing the stairs (the windows are covered). Just keep climbing and in no time, you’ll reach the top.

Cathedral DuomoCathedral Duomo Statues DetailsDuomo Cathedral Roof

My friend was right, the feeling when you reach the rooftop after a lot of stairs, it was worth it! The feeling of accomplishment is more noticeable rather than when you take the elevator, I think. For you who appreciates architecture and details, you definitely will love the rooftop of Duomo Milano. Every single statue and structure is carefully crafted and it beauty seems timeless. I personally think that Milan Cathedral is overdetailed gothic church that has the integrity on the details no matter people will acknowledge of it or not.

Duomo Rooftopbehind the statue on duomoDuomo Cathedral DetailsDuomo Detailed CathedralDuomo Roof PerspectiveThe back of DuomoDuomo Milano Roof

Once you climb another stair to the very top (and middle) of the Milan Cathedral, you can see the golden statue “Madonnina” or Mother Mary. Wait until it’s dark and “Madonnina” will be light up and the lighting of Duomo Milan is looking superb!

Duomo Cathedral Rooftop

Luini’s Panzerotti

I found out about Luini’s Panzerotti a year ago and goddamn it’s the best whatever-that-thing-is in Milan! I didn’t even know what panzerotti was. Although the line can be long, it doesn’t take that long to be in-front of the line in no time. It’s easier to pay with cash cause everything is so fast inside the Luini’s (and they don’t allow cameras inside, they even have security). I come to believe that Luini’s Panzerotti might be one of the heritage of Milan. We ordered, panzerotti, baked luini and sweet luini.

luini's panzerottipanzerotti Mozzarella and Tomatopanzerotti Luini MilanoLuini's Sweet Pastry

Venchi Cioccolato

Venchi is a gelateria and chocolateria that I also found when I was in Rome. So I think that Venchi is everywhere in Italy (maybe mostly in big cities). I’m no expert in gelato, yet the taste of the gelato in Venchi is standard. I ordered the strawberry or raspberry sorbet, which is not really a gelato. I would suggest chocolate or pistachio gelato or the special flavor of the week when in Venchi.

Venchi Gelato

Pasticceria Bar Le Tre Gazzelle

Le Tre Gazzelle is a pasticerria that also sells gelato in Milano. The price is pretty affordable from €3,00-€5,00 based on the amount of scops you want. I love the pistachio flavor and also my first time to try pistachio. From now on, I will eat pistachio ice cream or gelato (and also vanilla, can never move on from this basic, classic flavor).

Le Tre Gazzelle GelatoGelato in Milano

Spontini Pizza

Spontini Pizza is a must in Milano. I ordered the Margherita Pizza for €3,50 and I can never finish it on my own (unless I’m very, very hungry). The Spontini Pizza is different than the usual Italian thin crust pizza, it’s more like the Chicago deep dish pizza style. The pizza bread of Spontini is so soft and fluffy yet still have the crunch of a pizza. This restaurant is super casual and everybody eat while standing and it’s probably more like a snack.

Cutting Spontini PizzaSpontini MilanSpontini Pizza

Pasticceria Marchesi

Marchesi is a patisserie and somewhat a cafe that is so beautifully decorated and they just open in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The Marchesi is in the second floor, so you have to take stairs or elevator. Have a lovely chat in Marchesi with you friends and if you sit by the window (recommended), you can see Galeria Vittorio Emanuele II from the second floor and you can do people watching (my personal fave).

Marchesi Display WindowMarchesi LogoInside Marchesi VittorioMarchesi Cake DisplayMarchesi MilanoMarchesi Display Portrait

My friend and I ordered gelato, tea, and coffee cocktail signature (I, again, forgot to take notes during my trip in Milan). The coffee cocktail of Marchesi is very lovely and I would suggest you to order it when you’re there. They have selection of pastries and other food, sadly I was rushing before I can truly enjoy Marchesi itself.

Gelato in MarchesiMarchesi Vittorio EmanueleTea in Marchesi

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Talking about Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II itself, people come to step on the bull’s balls. I heard that people do that so they will come back to Milan in the future. You have to step on the bull’s balls and then turn three times. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a magnificent, one of the world’s oldest shopping malls and too good to be true. When you look up, the beautiful glass roof of the shopping mall says it all.

bulls' balls milanovittorio emanuele II roof glassvittorio emanuele ceilinggaleria vittorio milano

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS MILAN BLOG POST <3 I hope you like it and inspired you to travel :). My previous posts relating to the beautiful city of Milan: Milano Expo 2015Ciao Milano. See you in my next post.

Rooftop Cathedral Duomo Perspective

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