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Expo Milano 2015

October 1, 2015
Expo Milano 2015

“Feeding the planet, energy for life.” is the slogan for Expo Milano 2015. Participated by 140 countries and held for six months from May until October. I was lucky to see and experience Expo Milano 2015.

Buying the ticket for the entrance is pretty easy, you can just go online and buy the e-ticket (you can choose between flexible and fixed date) or on arrival. I bought the fixed date ticket online as I was sure about the date that I’ll be visiting the Expo. Entering the Expo is also not much of a hustle but there’s security check (just like in airports).

Be prepared for a long walk in and to the Expo. I highly recommend your most comfortable shoes. Also check the weather forecast for the hour you plan to enter and exit the Expo as the weather can change drastically from very sunny to an autumn breeze.

I was super excited about Expo Milano because it’s my first time and have this high expectation. Everything goes very well until I saw all the lines in every country and the amount of people in the Expo. I’m not the most patience person, and I just gave up the minute I saw people queueing. As the result of my impatience, I just went to the America building/stand and eat in the Japanese building/stand. I was also having a mild stomachache from two days before, so imagine having the pain in your stomach while walking around a huge area.

Ecuador pavilion expo milano 2015USA pavilion expo milanoUSA pavilion 2Japan pavilion entranceJapan pavilionJapan pavilion 2

I ordered Tempura Soba (I forgot the exact menu name) for €20. Nothing special about it, but after a long walk and queue, it was relieving to just sit down and take my time enjoying the meal. 

Japanese food expo milanoUdon expo milanoTempura expo milano

The highlight of my trip to Expo Milano must be the Nutella where you can make a customized sticker for the Nutella jar. Eating is a must in Nutella where all the menu includes Nutella. Heaven on earth I must say.

Nutella pavilionNutella counterNutella sticker maker

I ordered Tiramisu Nutella and oh my gosh, I cannot believe how can a Tiramisu be so delicious with Nutella, and you still have the aftertaste lingering in your palate. Hands down, best time of the day. Or so I thought. (Sorry for the bad and blurry image of the Tiramisu)

The best tiramisu by NutellaGiant nutella jar

All the buildings of the countries that participate were amazing and I really, really wish I can visit each of them and try each of the food from every country. Only if the line of each country doesn’t take up to six hours (it was the Japan pavilion). It’s crazy to think that there are people who wait just to get into the pavilion and see what they are offering. One of my friends told me that inside of the building is just about energy and sustainability in each country.

Expo Milano countries

Picture from Expo Milano 2015 website

I spent two or three hours in Expo Milano, feeling disappointed and used the train to Milano City Centre and spend my last few hours in there. You can read my trip to Milano here.

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