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Vitrine San Francisco

May 21, 2015

I went to San Francisco for five days in May. My very first brunch in San Francisco happens to be in one of the restaurants in St. Regis, Vitrine. As a hospitality student, I admire Starwood Hotels and Resorts and St. Regis very much as one of the most upscale hotels.

I walked into St. Regis for the very first time with a high standard set on my mind. The friendly hostess greeted me and lead me to my table near the window. The server gave me the menu. In no time, I know what I will order. Three things that I really love to see on my plate; egg, salmon and caviar. I got three of my favourite things from ‘Poached Eggs a la Russe’.

poached egg ala russe

Before I got my ‘Poached Eggs a la Russe’, the server gave me a small pancake with a small glass of juice of cranberry and peach. From that moment, I knew that it is my favoured juice because the combination of cranberry and peach are just divine with the enough amount of sweetness. Oh, and it is organic too! Soon as I got my meal, the composition cured Alaskan salmon, brioche, caviar, and mousseline sauce are just flawless and perfectly done. The amount of all ingredients are just complement each other and do not be deceived by the size of the food on the plate because it glutted me up alright. 

cranberry and peach juice

The atmosphere inside Vitrine made me able to calm myself down as I was indulging my brunch as they open for breakfast, brunch and lunch. St. Regis Vitrine got it all. Great service, combine with a perfect meal, it was very relaxing and made me feel prepared to face the day. Everything is just flawless and runs smoothly. 

jamsbreakfast in Vitrine

125 3rd St.

San Francisco, CA 94103



Type of cuisine: Light fare

Dress code: Business casual

Best place to sit: Anywhere

Price range: $20-$60 ($$)


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