Travel the Pest Side of Budapest Part Two

March 4, 2017
Szechenyi Chain Bridge and St. Stephen Cathedral

Continuing from my “Travel the Pest Side of Budapest” mini series, this part will be more of historical tourist attractions. All the locations are very close to each other and within walking distance.

Soviet War Memorial

After eating Gelarto Rosa in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, I went to the Soviet War Memorial. It is a part of the Liberty Square (it is somehow like a park). What I like from this Soviet War Memorial is the building surrounds the memorial. I’ve mentioned it before (in other posts) that Budapest is full of great architecture. My favorite buildings nearby the Soviet War Memorial is the dark grey and white building. The dark grey is very neo-gothic and giving a strong ambiance while the white one give out a neoclassical style. In the between the two buildings, you can see a small part of Hungarian Parliament Building.

Soviet Memorial War BudapestWhite Building Budapest near MemorialDark Building Budapest near MemorialDark and White Building near soviet memorial budapest

Monument Imre Nagy

Monumen Imre Nagy is in between the Soviet Memorial War and the Hungarian Parliament Building. This monument is obviously dedicated to the man in the bridge called Imre Nagy. I Googled the man and he was one of the great Hungarian politician and former prime minister of Hungary. Probably there’s a meaning behind the way the statue looks at the Hungarian Parliament Building and why he is standing above the small pond, on the bridge.

Imre Nagy Monument

Hungarian Parliament Building

I think I’m out of words to describe this gorgeous man-made architecture. I dedicated a blog post just for the Hungarian Parliament Building and the tour that I experienced during my trip, you can click here. Definitely have to do the Hungarian Parliament tour because the inside of the building is just as beautiful as the outside. Visiting and touring the Hungarian Parliament Building is one of the highlight from my Budapest trip. One thing I like about this building is also they are very photogenic. I took hundreds of pictures and all of them seems effortlessly photographed.

Hungarian Parliament Building Hungary Budapest

Shoes on the Danube Bank

After the Hungarian Parliament tour, I walked along the Danube river bank. At one point, you will see scattered shoes in the bank of Danube river and it is a memorial for the Jewish people. I see people still come here to put flowers and to commemorate.

Shoes on the danube river bank

Szechenyi Chain Bridge

As Budapest consists of Buda and Pest, Szechenyi Chain Bridge is one of the bridge that connects Buda and Pest side. The bridge is named after Istvan Szechenyi, and he was one of the greatest Hungarian statesmen (whatever that is) and he was “one of the greatest Hungarian”. Szechenyi Chain Bridge at night and in the morning is very different at giving the vibe. At night, the bridge looks very festive with all the lights and everything. To see the best view of Pest and the Szechenyi Chain Bridge, go the the Buda Castle and take pictures from the balcony.

Szechenyi Chain BridgeSzechenyi Chain Bridge at Night

Danube River

If the Szechenyi Chain Bridge is the one who connects Buda and Pest, then the Danube River is the one that separates Buda and Pest. You will see numerous of boats and cruise and some of them are actually restaurants. Danube river is the second largest river in Europe that connects different European countries. But there’s not much you can do in the river, and you definitely can’t swim.

Danube River and Buda side

Map Itinerary

Here’s a little map to see how close all the sites are.

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