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Things To Do in Salzburg

November 12, 2015
Salzburg Palace Austria

If you’ve been following my blog, you all know that I’ve been posting a hell lot of Salzburg-related posts. I had the best three days and four nights when I was in Salzburg. I wish I can spend more time in that beautiful city. So, what to do in Salzburg? Here’s a list of the things I suggest for you to do in Salzburg.

1. Visit Mirabell Garden

It is a must to visit when in Salzburg. I repeat, it’s a must! You will eventually go to Mirabell Garden as it is a very open place for everyone, in other words, easy access and easy to find. Enjoy the garden, the fountain, and the weather, if it a nice one. Just outside the Mirabell Garden (east side) is the Panorama Tour. They over tours in Salzburg and one of them is The Sound of Music Tour as Salzburg is well-known for the famous musical movie.

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the fountain of mirabellmirabell palaceMirabell Garden

2. Drop by the Mozart Geburtshaus

It is the exact place where Mozart was born and grew up. It is amazing to see the birthplace of a genius. I’m not even a pianist or a musician, but it’s good to feel “OMG, I’m in Mozart’s house! How cool is that?”. The entrance ticket is about € 10.- but don’t forget to show your student ID to get a discount.

Mozart House Salzburg

3. Old Town of Salzburg

Most of the Altstadt (old town) in Europe are more or less the same. But it’s never boring to walk through it and see what they have to offer. If you visit Mozart Geburtshaus, you’re technically in the Old Town of Salzburg already. From what I see, small alleys mean that I’m still in the Old Town and usually there’s no car allowed. So, no cars, lot of pedestrian, small alleys equals to Old Town. There’s a cool store where they specialized in umbrellas in Getreidegasse, near the Cafe Mozart and Spaghetti & Co.. Getreidegasse probably is the main street of the Old Town as it is very crowd (at certain times) and it is where Mozart Geburtshaus located as well. I spend most of my time wandering around the Old Town that seems endless. It’s also near to Cafe Tomaselli, Dom Quartier, Salzburg Museum and worth-visiting stores along the alleys (Goldgasse, Alter Markt). Don’t forget to look up and see the pretty store sign they put up, even Zara has a unique one.

Altstadt Salzburg AustriaGoldgasse Salzburg

4. Hohensalzburg Castle

I didn’t go inside the castle. It is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. Castle is more like a fortress because of the wall surround it. I saw it on TripAdvisor and it seems like to get to the uphill, the funicular is the only way. Taking pictures of Salzburg from the castle can be your souvenir from Hohensalzburg Castle.

Hohensalzburg Castle Salzburg

5. Take the Sound of Music Tour

Salzburg is the location for The Sound of Music. If you’re a big fan, you should definitely take this tour. Because not all the Sound of Music settings are in Salzburg city center, you need to take transportation. To take a picture where they sing “I am sixteen going on seventeen”, where Maria and Captain Von Trapp got married, and the back house of Von Trapp, € 40.- is worth it. If you don’t want to pay or simply don’t have the time (the duration of the tour is four hour), just go to Mirabell Garden where they do the “Do-Re-Mi” scene cause it’s free.

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the sound of music pavilionLeopoldskron Palace

6. Go to Hallstatt

I sadly didn’t go to Hallstatt, although I truly wanted to. Panorama Tour, the one that offer The Sound of Music Tour, also offer a trip to Hallstatt. If you have the time, you definitely have to put Hallstatt on your to-do list while in Salzburg. You can see my blogpost about Hallstatt here.

Hallstatt Austria Travel blog Michelle 2Hallstatt Austria Travel blog Michelle 6Hallstatt Austria Travel blog Michelle 3

7. Visit Several Museums in Salzburg

Salzburg Museum, Toy Museum, Natural History Museum, Salzburg Cathedral, Christmas Museum, and the list is on and on and on. I wouldn’t suggest museums to people who don’t find history fascinating. Even I got bored in a certain type of museum. Toy Museum probably the only museum that didn’t bore me because of the activities and well, its Toy Museum.

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Night at the museum SalzburgSalzburg Museum

8. Brunch in Cafe Tomaselli

Unquestionably a must try cafe in Salzburg. Sit back and try anything from the menu and a cup of coffee to start your day. Locals and tourist love Cafe Tomaselli, and I don’t know why. Probably because of the ambiance they created. From what I felt, I enjoy my time in Cafe Tomaselli and just simply had a good time.

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Cafe Tomaselli Salzburg AustriaCafe Tomaselli Salzburg Austria

9. Beautiful view from Cafe Bazar

Just right in front of the river, sitting on the terrace of Cafe Bazar is a must-to-do in Salzburg. Have a good conversation with a friend and drink a glass of juice while being sun-kissed. Beware of the bees that might fly around in terrace.

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Brunch in Cafe Bazar SalzburgBrunch in Cafe Bazar Salzburg

10. Steinterrasse

This is one of the things that I didn’t do and really regret it. Overseeing the beautiful Salzburg at night from the rooftop, with a cocktail (one Mojito please) in your hand, chit-chatting about nonsense stuff with your friend. I’ve always wanted to try every rooftop bar/restaurant in this world and figure out which one is my absolute favorite. When I go back to Salzburg, Steinterrasse will be my very first destination no matter what.

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