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See You Soon Hanoi

March 12, 2016
Hanoi View Cafe

My trip to Hanoi had come to an end. I didn’t do much for my last full day in Hanoi. I did pamper myself and I recommend everyone to go treat yourself in Hanoi. It is cheap to get a treatment in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. I got manicure, pedicure, body wrap, and facial.

Day 7

Spa in Hanoi

My last meals in Hanoi are Phở Gà Trộn (noodles chicken mix) and Congee. As usual, both are delicious, especially the congee where you eat it in the small street of Old Quarter. It just gets better and better wherever you eat in Vietnam.

Pho Ga Tron in HanoiCongee in Hanoi StreetStreet CongeeYoutiao

My Hanoi Trip 2015

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