Papuma Beach in East Java

April 25, 2016
Overlooking the Papuma Stone

During my visit to Jember, East Java for the Qingming Festival, I went to two beaches. Both of them during sunset, just the perfect time to capture their beauty. The first beach, Pantai Pasir Putih Situbondo is located in the north of East Java (Situbondo Area). The second beach, which is the title of the post, Pantai Papuma (pantai means beach in Indonesian) is located in the south of East Java. Just next to Watu Ulo (also a beach but the sand is black color). Pantai Papuma is quite popular among the people of East Java for their white sands and the big rock.

A Good Day

It took me one and a half hour with car to get to Pantai Papuma from Jember.The roads are small since you have to pass through villages and paddy fields. You get to see mountains covered with trees, corn field, little forests on the way to Papuma.

Way to Watu UloRow of Trees

Seafood is definitely what you have to eat once you are here. Pantai Papuma is also famous for their fishermen and they sell their catch of the day to family-owned restaurants along Pantai Papuma. Nothing’s better than a freshly catch fishes, lobsters, prawns, clams, and drinking coconut water. Perfect place to do your cheat day.

Pandan LautPapuma Beach 3Plants in Papuma BeachNaturePapuma BeachPapuma Beach, East Java

There are times where you are strictly cannot swim in Pantai Papuma because the waves are very strong and can be dangerous, since it’s the south sea (if you locate yourself in Java Island). I would suggest you to take a stroll by the main road and you still can see the beach and sea. You also can take stairs to a higher point for the better view of the rock.

Watu Ulo, East JavaEscapadeFishermen in Watu UloView in Watu Ulo

This particular picture below is seriously like a painting to me. It seems so effortless and just flawlessly coloured.

Time to Sail

Just like my Pantai Pasir Putih post, I want to stress out on how amazing this beach is by showing you the pictures that I took.

Footprints on the beach

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished -Lao Tzu

There I was bewitched, by the way how nature entertain us with their existence.

Sky touch the Sea

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