Night at the Museums of Salzburg

October 28, 2015

I was in Austria! Salzburg to be exact. I travelled by train from Switzerland to Salzburg on the 3rd October. I arrived in Salzburg in the evening and fortunately, I was able to experience a one-night event in Salzburg. It was Lange Nacht der Museen (long night of museums) on the 3rd of October where you pay €11 for the entrance to all museums in Salzburg at night until 1 am. It was a bargain!


I didn’t go to all the museums that night, but I went to several of it and the most interesting one for me is the Toy Museum (Spielzig Museum). Firstly, because I can take pictures with my camera. Secondly, There are lots of interactions and activities in the Toy Museum where I even made a headband. It seems like all the kids of Salzburg went to Toy Museum that day, and I think it’s their only night when they can sleep late.

DSCF3319 DSCF3320 DSCF3323 DSCF3326 DSCF3327 DSCF3331 DSCF3332 DSCF3333 DSCF3337 DSCF3362 DSCF3363 DSCF3367 DSCF3366 DSCF3365 DSCF3375 DSCF3338 DSCF3351 DSCF3346 DSCF3344 DSCF3343 DSCF3356 DSCF3354

I went to Salzburg Museum, Museum of Rupertisun, and Dom Quartier Museum. Cameras are obviously forbidden in the museums. I personally like the Dom Quartier Museum. It’s a huge museum with an endless walk. It felt like the inside of a labyrinth. It’s also more interesting compared to the other museums I went to.

DSCF3379 DSCF3387

Overall, it was a great time for my friend and me. Never imagine that visiting museums can be so much fun, especially with a friend. I really like the concept of it, and it seems to be worked among the locals and the tourists.

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  • Reply calvinsusanto October 29, 2015 at 6:54 am

    I wanna play with the toys so baddd!!! D;

  • Reply RyungIn Kang November 3, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    I love the pictures!!! especially the girl with the bear lol

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