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New York Cafe Budapest

February 17, 2017
New York Cafe Budapest

Have you ever been to a cafe that can throw you back in time? Or maybe a cafe that can make your head sore from continuously looking up to the ceiling? New York Cafe in Budapest did it to me, but in this case, I don’t mind at all. New York Cafe Budapest is claimed as the most beautiful cafe in the world and I’m here to prove it to you.

New York Cafe Collage

No surprise if there’s a long queue just to sit in New York Cafe. New York Cafe is located in the Boscolo Hotel Budapest and it is it Erzsebet Korut 9-11. Once you entered the cafe, you can hear live piano music and see every single ornament in New York Cafe that is so beautiful and it may seem too much for a decoration (especially with these days with minimalist lovers who like everything simple and plain), but it works for New York Cafe. As a whole, it becomes this magnificent cafe who got their title not for nothing. I think its useless if I only explain it to you how beautiful New York Cafe is, let the picture do the justice.

New York Cafe Budapest InteriorNew York Cafe Most Beautiful in the world

As a cafe aficionado I need to know if New York Cafe is more than a pretty cafe, so I ate desserts. My friend and I started with bellini, fresh orange juice, and strawberry ice cream. Starting with a glass of bellini to start of a dessert feast is always the right thing to do. I’m quite skeptical about the strawberry ice cream because it’s not as delicious as I was expecting. You must be thinking “Whattt??? What can possibly go wrong with ice cream?” (or maybe you don’t think at all). If it vanilla ice cream, then nothing can go wrong, but strawberry… Anyway, I still eat the whole thing (being frugal and all).

Drinks New York Cafe

Here come the best part, tasting cakes. I ordered the Hungarian Cake Selection and it comes with three small Hungarian cakes served in a long black plate. Starting from the left (in the picture) is apple pie, in the middle is Rákóczi cake style cottage cheese and the last one is sachertorte. I really, really like three of them and I’m glad I ordered the cake selection rather than three regular size of them because it’s quite sweet. Another two desserts I ordered is New York Chocolate Cake and Pistachio Tart with red berries. I love both of them. Anyone who like chocolate should try the New York Chocolate Cake and if you like pistachio then definitely try the Pistachio Tart. For the prices and menu detail, you can check it directly in their website. I would say it’s quite affordable for a quick bite and a coffee. They also offer heavy meal, breakfast menu, and afternoon tea.

Hungarian Cakes New York CafeDesserts in New York Cafe

After you finish your meal in New York Cafe, don’t go just yet! Take pictures, because unless you life in Budapest of near the cafe, you should seize the time when you’re there. There’s a balcony when every tourists usually take pictures. And go to the Boscolo Hotel just right next door and it’s connected so you don’t have to exit the New York Cafe. The interior of Boscolo Hotel Budapest is so gorgeous. I love the window roof that let the light illuminate the lobby and those columns is seriously an architectural dream. Also perfect for Instagram picture.

New York Cafe in Boscolo Hotel BudapestTravel to Budapest New York Cafe

I thought I visited the most beautiful cafe in the world when I visited Cafe Central in Vienna in 2015. Both Cafe Central and New York Cafe are lovely and different, but personally, New York Cafe is more magnificent and glamorous than Cafe Central in term of size and the ornament craze. But I still love them both <3.

Boscolo Hotel Budapest

My friend and I stayed for more than 1 hour in the Boscolo Hotel after our meal in New York Cafe. Thank you Boscolo Hotel Budapest for not kicking us out and doesn’t stare at us like we’re weirdos that take too much pictures.

New York Cafe Poster Pinterest

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    So beautiful in a classic way

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