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Montreux Christmas Market 2015

January 23, 2016
ferris wheel christmas market

I know that christmas has been long gone and I supposed to publish this post ages ago, but it’s better late than never, am I right?

After feeling rather disappointed from the Basel Christmas Market, I know that Montreux Christmas Market will not let me down because I’ve been there twice and this time will be my third. What I really love about Montreux Christmas Market is the location. Montreux is located just on the banks of Lac Leman (or Lake Geneva). Although you can’t really see the lake at night because it’s dark (stating the obvious here…) I still love the ambience of it. 

lake geneva christmas market-2015 montreux christmas market 2015

Christmas Market also means that it’s food time (well, anytime is food time). From foie gras sandwich, macaroni and cheese, sausages, poutine, bonbons, churros, macaroons, cheese fondue, salami and mulled wine. You will never go home with empty stomach. More like barely-can-walk-straight stomach.

Foie Gras Sandwich is my top priority in Montreux Christmas Market. Each of my friend recommend me this dish. It’s a holy grail. It’s purely only foie gras and bread. I would suggest this to be your first dish in Montreux Christmas Market as it will fill you quickly.

foie gras sandwich foie gras foie gras sandwich montreux

Macaroni and Cheese really suits the cold weather of Montreux. A little carbs wouldn’t hurt nobody and this dish is just like a classic, must-eat food during winter. My friends ate sausage and I think there’s nothing special about it, but it was delicious. As for my tradition in Montreux Christmas Market, is eating Poutine (Canadian dish, which contains fries, gravy and cheese).

macaroni and cheese sausage and bread montreux poutine fries christmas market

The one of the most popular stand in Montreux Christmas Market probably is the Candy Shop Bonbons (and I always sing ‘to the candy shop’ from the Magic Mike). Selling only candies and other sweets, but the variety of the sweets is very broad. The candies will be weigh and you will pay per 100 grams. There are a lot of unusual candies that you definitely should try.

christmas stand in montreux christmas marketcandy shop bonbons candies in montreux

CHURROS! My relationship with churros has been like a lost child looking for her mother. Switzerland need more damn churros shop! Thankfully Montreux Christmas Market has always been reliable. Then, I came across a macarons stand and they are selling the cutest macarons I’ve ever seen! It was a heart breaking moment when I have to eat the macaron.

churros montreux christmas market 2015 santa macaroon macaroons montreux christmas 2015

How about some food to bring back home? One of my friend bought a cheese to bring back home and for me, I bought a very distinct aromatic tea. Oh, I almost forgot the one thing that is also a tradition when in any Christmas Market, drink mulled wine.

vendor in montreux christmas market tea shop montreux christmas 2015

There are tons of other food that worth to try. That’s why, going to a christmas market for one day is not enough (unless you have a stomach made of rubber or the money of Beyonce). Going to christmas market with friends is unquestionably the best one. Because whoever you’re with it will always be enjoyable no matter where you go.

christmas stands

Gift, gift, gift. Christmas and presents are strongly related to each other and christmas related things are the best kind (at least for me). I saw very diverse stuff in Montreux Christmas Market. From dining ware, fairy lights, miniature, cheese fondue kit, baby clothes, handmade knit clothing, candles, glass ornaments, accessories, stationary, the prettiest bookmark (it seriously is the prettiest ones) ’till beautiful furniture and decorations. But think carefully when you are buying from here, it may seems pretty but is it worth it? Remember, Switzerland is goddamn expensive (lol, this post has become a how to not be a shopaholic during christmas time).

glass ornaments montreux angel ornament montreux glass ornament christmas market key chains in montreux christmas market shop

One last thing to do in Montreux Christmas Market is making a wish in the La Maison Des Voeux. You will write your wish and then tie it with a ribbon to the christmas tree or in any string in that hut. People from all over the world seems to write their wishes in this place and it is heart-warming to see and read people’s wishes.

vendor in montreux christmas market vendor in montreux christmas market bull montreux

If you ever happen to be in Montreux during christmas time, go to the christmas market. I’m sure you will have a great time in there, especially when you’re with your beloved ones. Anyway, Merry belated Christmas and Happy belated New Year. Wishing y’all an amazing year.

santa montreux christmas market 2015

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    Very lovely post! I really like that you always give your readers complete information – such as food prices, available attractions, the market atmosphere – it is really helpful for me when I’m taking notes on my traveling diary. I love how beautiful and lively your pictures are (the macarons are making me drool all over my laptop!). I wish I could go to this Christmas market this year to satisfy the child in me 🙂 and when I do, I promise you that I’ll use your post as my guidebook!

    • Reply michellefranciscalee January 27, 2016 at 11:21 am

      Thank you so much for your comment! You just made my day!!! I’ll try my best to keep up my blog ♥️

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