Lunch at Kampung Daun Bandung

June 5, 2016
Kampung Daun View

I visited Kampung Daun (Kampung means village, Daun means leaf, now it sound like Naruto’s Leaf Village hahaha) with my cousins. This ‘leaf village’ is located in Lembang, Bandung and it is a restaurant where your table comes with a gazebo. It is amazing for the waiters for them to carry food and drinks around the village where all the tables, or should I say gazebos, are far apart.

Kampung Daun Entrance

Entering Kampung Daun doesn’t mean you will get the table straightaway. Go to the reservation directly before the queue gets too long. I love how extensive this restaurant is and the fact that each table comes with a gazebo. Even alongside the path are full of unruly plants but also maintained at the same time, the manicured kind of messy.

ReservationPathway Kampung DaunKampung Daun Entrance 2

Once your name is called by the reservation through speakers, you will be assign to your gazebo. The higher the number of your gazebo, the higher you have to go at Kampung Daun. The other highlight of Kampung Daun other than the gazebos and the nature is the waterfalls. When I visit Kampung Daun it was raining due to the wet season and everything seems so damp and humid.

Small WaterfallPathwayWaterfall at Kampung Daun

Now let’s talk about the real deal of coming to Kampung Daun Restaurant, to eat! The specialty in Kampung Daun is of course Indonesian food. I would recommend you to get Nasi Liwet or Liwet Rice as it is the most delicious rice I’ve ever eat. What I love the most about is the chicken, ayam kampong. It’s simply means village chicken, and they are much skinnier than broiler chicken and for me it is much more tastier. The price of the meal was alright compare to Jakarta (Kampung Daun is in Bandung region).

Gazebo Kampung DaunCozy PillowsLunch at Kampung DaunAyam Goreng

All in all, it is a great experience to be and eat in the gazebo surrounded by nature, the food was delicious and the atmosphere makes a huge difference. To be honest I can’t talk that much about this place because aside from having a nice meal with heart-warming view that’s just about it. Continuing my weekend escapade from Jakarta, I checked in to Sapulidi Resort where I found serenity and beauty in old heritage houses.

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  • Reply Homestay in Bandung January 4, 2018 at 2:57 pm

    Kampung Daun is one of the best destination to be visited in Bandung. When I Visited here, I was thinking that Kampung Daun is the best place to eat with our family. So like it. Wonderfull place in Bandung.

    • Reply michellefranciscalee January 4, 2018 at 4:03 pm

      I agree! It’s so much fun to spend with the family and the food is so good! I love their nasi liwet in there! Thanks for the comment 😆

      • Reply Kampung Daun January 13, 2018 at 9:24 pm

        I ordered Nasi Liwet too, hahaha. We ordered the same menu. So like the place. Visiting here in the night is more beautiful. Like the lamp, really great place.

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