Kawah Putih in Bandung

May 15, 2016
Kawah Putih Aerial View

One of the must-visit nearby attraction while I was glamping in Legok Kondang Lodge. Kawah Putih means white crater. Located about 5 km deep further from the Kawah Putih entrance, you will find the famous blue volcanic crater lake.

Stair to Kawah Putih

It was such a disappointing weather when I visited Kawah Putih. The weather was changing constantly, raining and then not raining and then a little drizzle. It wasn’t the best condition to take pictures. Since it rained, the surroundings became cloudy as the steam from the crater lake vaporized into the sky (I’m not really sure about this part though, so idk). There were crowd of people but not that crowd until you can’t breathe and stuff. Just the right amount of visitors. Relative of mine that had been to Kawah Putih told me to beware of the stingy sulfur smell, but honestly I didn’t smell anything displeasing at all. Probably different time, different smell? I saw a lot of people were using mask (like hospital mask) so there’s nothing wrong if you are preparing for the worst.

Kawah PutihKawah Putih Bandung

Kawah Putih is located quite close from my accommodation place during my trip, which is in Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge. Driving by car, it is about 20-30 minutes or maybe even less depending on your speed. The entrance fee will be charge by the amount of person and the type of vehicle you are using. If you choose to parked your vehicle on the entrance parking lot, they will charge you IDR 4’000 (4-wheels) or IDR 25’000 (6-wheels). Then from the entrance you will have to pay another IDR 30’000 (if I’m not wrong, once again I’m not sure) to take the transportation to the crater lake. If you rather to park your car nearby the Kawah Putih you will have to pay IDR 150’000 and it’s only for 4-wheels transportation. Entrance fee for a local/Indonesia is IDR 18’000 and for foreigner is IDR 50’000. I saw the price for ‘Pre-Wedding’ so I guess if you want to do photoshoot for your pre-wed you will have to pay IDR 500’000.

*this price is as per May 2016, which is when I went there. It might change overtime.

White Crater IndonesiaKawah Putih Plants

Right after I was done photographing Kawah Putih, there’s nothing else to do. My father told me they used to let people to dip in the lake because it was ‘healthy’. I don’t know if the ride to Kawah Putih is worth it. My family and I went back straight away after I finished taking pictures. Well, it was raining as well but looking back at it I remember people were just taking selfies and that’s about it. I saw so much potential in this beautiful tourism site that can be develop into something more.

Kawah Putih from AboveWhite Crater

Another must-visit site while you are in Bandung, just another 15 minutes from Kawah Putih is Situ Patenggang (Patenggang Lake) where you can see the valley of tea plantation, Patenggang Lake and Pulau Asmara (which means Island of Romance/Love Island).

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    mantap nih liburan akhir tahun ke wisata bandung yang satu ini

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      Wah, selamat berlibur!!!

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