Hungarian Parliament Tour in Budapest

February 25, 2017

We all know that the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest is the icon of Budapest and maybe the icon of Hungary. You’re not officially in Budapest if you don’t visit the Parliament Building. The Hungarian Parliament Building that is located on the banks of Danube River is still open for public and at the same time is utilize for parliament thingy and politic stuff (something like that).

Hungarian Parliament Building from across river

When I get closer and closer to the Hungarian Parliament Building, it amazed me how photogenic that architectural building. No matter which angle or which side you take, it still look splendidly grand. Even from across the river of Danube, it’s still look amazing. I clearly don’t remember how many hour I spent to take pictures of the Hungarian Parliament Building, but I got a lot of pictures (more than 100) of it. Hungarian Parliament Back EntranceHungarian Parliament BuildingHungarian Parliament Front side

Across the backside of Hungarian Parliament is the same photogenic building, Museum of Ethnography. Budapest is seriously filled with aesthetically pleasing buildings on every corner of the city. Here’s the prove. Although I didn’t get into the Museum of Ethnography, it’s enough for me to just admire the museum from outside. The nicely trimmed grass though, super on point.

Museum of Ethnography BudapestMuseum of Ethnography Hungary

There are statues too, surrounding the Hungarian Parliament Building that I don’t know what it is about because there isn’t any information about it. I enjoy the surroundings of Hungarian Parliament like the statues and the plants (trees, grass, flowers) because it just fits together and it felt like they have a theme or same color template that makes it like a one beautiful area.

Statue near Hungarian Parliament

Some part of the Hungarian Parliament building is open for public tour. I bought the ticket on the spot. You can look at the price of the tour in this link. What I like from the tour is they offer eight languages; English, Hungarian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, and Russian. There isn’t any Asian language, maybe later on in the future. But be aware about the tour schedule according to the language that you want, because such as Hebrew language tour is not as often as English. Another tip for students is to bring your student card. I’m studying in Europe so I got discount but it is not as much as student who study in Hungary. However, I don’t think student who study outside Europe will get student discount.

Hungarian Parliament Hallway

I won’t tell you all the details about the tour because I want you to experience it by yourself! But for a little bit of spoiler, you will see cool interior with a lot of gold, real gold. You will see the supreme court where they still use it, royal room where the aristocrat/blue blood room is and also the crown of the king (I think it was the first king’s crown). Trust me, the inside of Hungarian Parliament Building is just as beautiful as the outside, although both has different kind of style.

Hungarian Parliament EntranceInside Hungarian Parliament BuildingHungarian Parliament Supreme CourtHungarian Parliament Supreme Court Ceiling

At the end of the tour, you will pass by a room filled with all the information related to the Hungarian Parliament. Mostly about the architecture, history and process of the building. The highlight of that room is the miniature of the Hungarian Parliament Building. The miniature is highly detail-oriented. From the windows, columns, gates, chandeliers, and the stairs, perfection is the only thing that come up from my brain for that miniature.

Hungarian Parliament Building MiniatureDetail of the Hungarian Parliament MiniatureHungarian Parliament Miniature Interior

All in all, I would suggest you to do the tour of the Hungarian Parliament because you already come all the way to Budapest (well, unless it’s not far from your home). It is interesting to see the inside of parliament and the price is very affordable anyway. I don’t see any harm/negative side by doing the tour.

By the way, have you seen this?

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