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Guided Tour in Graham’s Port Wine Lodge in Porto

August 7, 2017

When I think about Portugal, I sometimes think about port wine. When I was traveling to Porto, I was really looking forward to visit one of the port wine winery. I chose Graham’s Port Lodge out of every port lodge available in Porto. I chose it randomly, so probably there will be better (or worse) port lodge in Porto that I didn’t know of. Anyway, here’s my tour experience in Graham’s Port Lodge.

I’m not good at explaining stuff about wine nor I’m a wine expert, but I’ll try my best. If you don’t know yet, there’s a place in Portugal called Douro Valley. It’s like the Bordeaux or Bourgogne but in Portugal. Most of the vineyard is in Douro Valley, but the cellars or lodges are mostly in Porto. So if you want to do more with the vineyard, go to Douro Valley (3.5 hours drive from Porto). If visiting the wine cellar is enough for you or you want to purchase port wine (or some vintage), Porto itself is enough.

graham-port-wine-tasting-porto-1graham port lodge cellar

Graham’s Port Wine Tasting

I emailed Graham’s Lodge to get the price for wine tasting and guided tour (not private) around the lodge. For the main tasting room, it range from €12-€17. With that price, you will get a tour around Graham’s Lodge and get to taste 3 type of port wine. There’s also Vintage tasting room, it is for older and more premium port wine and the price is up to €100. For me, I’m not really into port wine nor I want to buy vintage port wine. My friends and I just want to know the general stuff about port wine. I think €12-17 is a very good deal. Most of all, Graham’s port wine is very nice and goes well with cheese (you have to pay extra to have the cheese). It was a singular experience that you must have when you are in Porto.

graham port wine tasting 1graham-port-wine-tastinggraham port wine tasting 2graham-port-wine-tasting-porto


By the way, this is the best Portuguese Tart in Portugal. I’ll be posting more about my trip in Porto and Lisbon, so stay tune!

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