Floating Market Lembang

June 21, 2016
Floating Market Lembang

This place is a must-go for culinary purpose. Floating Market in Lembang is famous for their floating boats where they sell diverse food and beverages. Yet, when I visited this heaven for foodie, it is more than just food market. I would say Lembang Floating Market is a place you can experience Indonesian culture by food, fun activities, and shopping. One thing that amazed me the most is how clean this site is. If you’re Indonesian or have been in Indonesia for a long time, you know how infamous the cleanliness of Indonesia, especially at crowded tourist attraction. You’re in the right place if you want to bringing your kids to do entertaining interactions, or just simply want to try different kind of Indonesian food at one place.

White House Lembang

The purchasing system in Floating Market Lembang is by coins. You have to purchase coins in order to buy food or do activities (but only some of them, you can pay by cash). Put in mind that you cannot refund the ‘Floating Market Lembang’ coins back into cash. My tip for you is to buy the coins as much as you need. If you’re in a group with several people, buy more coins. If you’re just alone or two, buy coins around IDR 100’000 is enough. If it not enough, then buy more.

Coins in Floating MarketFood vendor

The Floating Market Lembang is a big area. The floating market itself is across the entrance. Oh, by the way, the entrance fee is IDR 20’000 and you get one free drink from the entrance voucher. As I said, the floating market where they sell food by boats is across the entrance and you either can go by boat or foot. I went across by foot so I can see around. If you go by boat, which you can choose to paddle by yourself or with the motor boats, you’ll have to pay for it. I’d say walk around once you get there to just see around first cause there are activities (although mainly for kids) and interactions about Indonesian culture. Then, rent a paddle boat (not the canoe one) so you can go to the floating market by the paddle boat.

Water CarriageWater BoatBaso Malang Boat

When I visit Floating Market Lembang, I didn’t know that you can buy food from the paddle boat. You can purchase food from the dock (where all the vendors’ boat are docking, and from the water. And by water I mean by the boat, you can paddle to the side of the vendors’ boat. I walk through the crowd on the dock and it was such a heavy human traffic. Since the dock is rather narrow and people are walking from two side, creating a congestion. Also, it was hard to find a table. If you go by boat, you can eat in the boat. Yes, it might be tiring to paddle but you will exercise those guilty feeling of getting fat. All in all, if I have the chance to go back there, I will rent a boat and paddle my way through food haven. 

Kereta AirGorenganIndonesian Music InstrumentMini Martabak Vendor

Food I tried:

Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi Pisang Goreng (banana friters). The pisang goreng (banana friters) are named after the main characters of local folklore, Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi. Pisang goreng Dayang Sumbi contains of five banana friters with cheese and chocolate sprinkles. Pisang goreng Sangkuriang is a long banana cut in half, serve with cheese and chocolate sprinkles. Both are priced IDR 15’000.

Pisang GorengDayang Sumbi Banana FritersBanana Friters Dayang SumbiSangkuriang Pisang Goreng

Sate Maranggi is one famous meat satay/skewer. Ten skewers with lontong and pickles (diced carrot, shallot, cucumber), one portion is never enough. This dish is IDR 15’000.

Sate Maringgi

Tornado/Spiral Potato with barbeque seasoning (the white-yellowish one) and balado seasoning (the red one). Was a struggle to eat this one though.

Potato TwisterPotato Tornado

-I ate other dishes but the pictures were badly taken, and I forgot the name, too indulge with eating. There are so many food worth to try while in the floating market.

Indonesian Food

Kids attractions such as Rabbit House, Feeding Goose, Becak ride (Pedicab), Flying Fox, motor ride, and many more are available in Lembang Floating Market but it will surely cost you extra charge. Free attractions are like Indonesian instrument along the streets, bamboo pole where you can try to walk with (stand on), or taking pictures in the paddy field and playing with the wayang golek (Javanese puppet).

Bamboo polesBecak PedicabFeeding RabbitRabbit HouseScarecrowWayang Kayu in Paddy FieldWayang

Floating Market Lembang is perfect for family and friends. Food is amazing. The place can be quite crowd. There are so many little details in this place and make sure your eyes are wide open for those.

Green Boat

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    Nice places you are most visiting.
    Nice information for us to visit those places.
    Nice pictures
    Nice food

  • Reply Walter P. November 5, 2017 at 12:09 am

    Really a nice place to hangout with family or friends.
    Love floating market, easy to access

    • Reply michellefranciscalee November 10, 2017 at 7:53 pm

      Yes! It is very easy to access. And I have to agree again with you that it is a great place to hangout with friends and family

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