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Expensive McDonald’s in Switzerland?

October 24, 2015
McDonald Switzerland Expensive?

If you’ve been keeping up with my post, then you probably know my favorite description for Switzerland is EXPENSIVE. I think that’s the status they’ve been holding for such a long time. Fast food is not an exception in here. My friend and I decided to order a lot from McDonald’s, taste it, and decide whether it is worth the money or nah. As I came from Indonesia, I love the Indonesian McDonald’s. If I can make a McDonald’s membership in Indonesia, I definitely will. Sadly, McDonald’s in here don’t serve fried chicken. Oh, how I miss eating McDonald’s fried chicken with free tomato ketchup (yes, apparently you have to pay for a tomato ketchup in Switzerland).

I ordered McDeal Double Cheeseburger Royal Menu (CHF 8.90) that includes a cheeseburger, small Lipton Ice Tea, and fries. To be honest, there’s nothing to describe from this menu.

Switzerland McDonald Double Cheese Burger

My friend ordered Big Mac® Menu (CHF 11.70) that includes a Big Mac®, Coca-Cola, and fries. 

Switzerland McDonalds Big Mac

Chicken McNuggets® (CHF 7.90 for 9 pieces) and Shrimps (CHF 6.90 for 5 pieces) also crossed our minds, so we ended up ordering it. The Chicken McNuggets® come with different sauces that you can choose: curry, mustard, barbeque, sweet and sour. I chose the barbeque, and I didn’t like it (in my opinion). As I said earlier, you have to pay for a sachet of ketchup for CHF 0.20. We bought 15 sachets so it’s equal to CHF 3.-. How do you know if you bought the right amount of ketchup? I would say for one medium fries, it will take three sachets of ketchup and for a burger, it will take about three to four sachets of ketchup. But again, each person have their own way of eating. 

McDonald Swiss ExpensiveMcDonalds Sauces SwitzerlandMcDonald Switzerland Expensive Burger NuggetMcDonalds Shrimp SwitzerlandMcDonalds Swiss Chicken Nugget

The main star of that night’s dinner is the Chicken Wings (CHF 5.40 for 5 pieces). The taste was amazing. I can just smell it all night long. It might seem gross in the picture, but you have to try it. I highly suggest it to you all. 

McDonalds Switzerland Chicken Wings

For the dessert, we ordered McFlurry Oreo (CHF 3.90 for normal size) and fries. And we eat it together because it’s delicious that way. 

McDonald Switzerland Expensive?McDonald's FriesMcDonald's French Fries Swiss

And that’s a happy ending for two girls while watching a free online movie. 

So in total we spent CHF 56.40 for:

  • Cheeseburger
  • Big Mac®
  • Three fries
  • Two Chicken Wings (ten pieces)
  • Chicken McNuggets (nine pieces)
  • One Shrimps (five pieces)
  • Coca-Cola (included in the Big Mac® Menu)
  • Lipton Ice Tea (included in the McDeal Cheeseburger)
  • McFlurry Oreo
  • 15 of tomato ketchup

So, the answer to this post’s title is yes. McDonald’s in Switzerland is very expensive but for me, some of the food are worth the money. Everything in here is over-priced anyway. 

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  • Reply Gisel October 7, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    You have to buy ketchup??? that’s ridiculous.
    Ought to be a crime!!!

    • Reply michellefranciscalee October 7, 2016 at 1:39 pm

      I know right! Well, this is Switzerland. But it doesn’t happen in all restaurant thankfully

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