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March 6, 2017
Greenhost lobby hotel

Last year in December, I had a short trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Nothing too extravagant, just me and my mom for several days. One of my purpose going to Yogyakarta is to stay in Greenhost Boutique Hotel mainly because of a very famous movie called “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2” (What’s Up With Love? 2). The movie chose Yogyakarta as one of the location for the film scene. When I saw the hotel from the movie, I told myself that I definitely have to stay there when I travel to Yogyakarta.

Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta Jogja

The room I stayed in was a standard room with double bed. The bedroom use industrial-kind of interior that I think fits perfectly with woods. The room is pretty normal like any other hotel room. The bathroom has no bathtub, just shower. All in all, Greenhost Hotel has a cozy room and affordable for a unique boutique hotel in Yogyakarta.

Greenhost Boutique Hotel Standard Room

Another highlight of Greenhost Boutique Hotel is the rooftop garden. Greenhost Hotel’s rooftop is full of hydroponic plants that will be use by the hotel itself for their own ingredients. I love it when I’m surrounded by lush of greenery. Mainly, they grow mint, spinach and other vegetables that I know but don’t know what it’s called. It is truly heaven on earth for me. ‘Nough said, let the pictures talk to you.

hydrophonic greenhost hotelGreenhost Hotel RooftopVegetables Greenhost hotel rooftop gardenMint leaves greenhost hotelGreenhost ecofriendly boutique hotelGreenhost Hotel Rooftop Yogyakarta

It is very rare for a hotel to do this kind of initiative and I admire hotels or any tourism industry who care about the environment, eco-friendliness, and sustainability. I think everyone should stay in this hotel if they travel to Yogyakarta.

Greenhost Boutique Hotel Pinterest

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