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What to Order in Cafe Central Vienna

November 22, 2015
Cafe Central

It was raining like it will never stop while I was looking for the famous Cafe Central in Vienna. I was with an almost broken umbrella due to the heavy wind bashing on towards everywhere I go. It was a horrifying weather and without the internet to use navigation from my phone, finding Cafe Central seems endless. With the help of a very nice lady, I finally arrived at the very majestic and magnificent Cafe Central.

What do I expect after a long walk, intense shopping, and the pouring rain is a nice tea with appropriate desserts. Sure, I’ll get that in Cafe Central, but after about 15 minutes of queueing. I was pretty lucky because there was a huge group before me, and apparently there was only a table for two at that moment. My friend and I, being the second in the line, got the table. I stepped in and it was amazed. How can a cafe be so exquisite and glamorous? It seems like the architecture itself have the charm to beguile everyone who steps inside.

Inside Cafe Central

So, what did I ordered? Six desserts. At first it felt like heaven, but then I realize that it turned into a battle. I wouldn’t say I’m a big eater, especially the sweet one and I was struggling to fit everything into my belly. I’m sure you’re wondering, why you ordered that much if you can’t finish it? The answer is, I actually don’t know. Maybe because I don’t know when will I return to this amazing cafe.

Cafe Central Desserts

My friend ordered  (sweet cheese curd strudel with vanilla sauce) for €7.50 from the menu. It was milky, sweet and very nice to share with. I was pretty sure that the vanilla sauce is made with real vanilla bean because I didn’t feel any chemical taste from the sauce. But then again, maybe I was wrong. Strudel is a layered pastry dessert and might be messy when you eat it.

MilchrahmstrudelSweet Vanilla Strudel

I would recommend you to order the desserts from the patisserie side. You will see it once you enter the Cafe, just in front of the entrance door. Once you get to your table, you can only order the dessert from the patisserie, you cannot order it from the waiter. You just point on which dessert you want and then the waiter in the patisserie will give you a piece of paper of your order. That paper, you will give it to the waiter, for them to bring your dessert to your table.

Desserts at Cafe Central

Sisi’s Marille (€4.50) is named after Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her nickname is Sisi. The cake itself is sweet and sour (from the lemon). It is a very new taste and I think it is a must-order dessert when in Cafe Central.

Sisi's MarilleSisi's Marille cake

Himbeer Harmonie (€4.50) is a raspberry (Himbeer means raspberry), chocolate mousse, and brownie. I mean, what else do I need? The combination itself is perfect. The cake is not so sweet, so it is good for people who don’t like sweet. And also for berries lover, this cake is for you.

Himbeer HarmonieRaspberry and Chocolate Mousse

Central Schnitte (€4.50) is one of my favorite. I looked up at Google and the original name of this dessert is cremeschintte, and it consist of puff pastry and custard cream and it’s layered, my favorite! Like the strudel, it is messy when eating the Central Schnitte.

Central SchnitteCentral puff pastry cake

Peanut Caramel (€4.50) is a creme brulee and peanut brittle. This dessert will be a gift from heaven for caramel lover. They do say its creme brulee, but I think it’s more like a caramel mousse because there’s no burnt cream. Peanut Caramel is extremely sweet.

Peanut CaramelCreme Brulee Peanut Caramel

Last but never ever the least, the famous Sachertorte (€4.30). If you’ve been following my blog, you know that from my Austria trip I’ve been looking for the perfect Sachertorte. I know that Hotel Sacher probably has the best Sachertorte, but in Cafe Central, the Sachertorte was the best I’ve ever had. Basically, Sachertorte is a chocolate cake with apricot jam topping (in the middle that separates the two layer of chocolate cakes. Cafe Central’s Sachertorte has the perfect texture, has the right amount of apricot jam, and the chocolate icing on the top is just like the cherry on top.

Sacher Torte Cafe CentralSacher Torte

I would recommend drinking coffee anywhere in Austria cafe. Because the cafe in Austria seems like a coffee house, and maybe that’s why the menu in each cafe is very simple and not really varied. But the desserts, they specialize their own dessert.

Beverage Cafe Central

Imagine drinking tea or coffee while listening to a live piano play and starring the beautiful ceiling feeling like back in time. And then after ordering all the desserts, and got overdosed over sweetness. I never want to leave Cafe Central, ever! For me, this is the father of all cafe (up till now that I know).

Cafe Central Vienna Austria

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