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Basel Christmas Market 2015

January 4, 2016

It was my favourite time of the year again. And I’m not talking about winter, but Christmas. Just the atmosphere itself already feels jolly and jubilant. Sadly it’s also means the end of the year is getting near, but let’s not talk about that now. You may know that Christmas is a big thing in Europe (well, duh) and I think that every popular cities are throwing Christmas Market. Some of you perhaps already figured that I’m studying in Switzerland, and I’m using that chance to travel as well. After a great deal of research, I decided to go to Basel Christmas Market, one of the biggest Christmas market (they said) on December. 

 Building in BaselPyramid in Basel

Per usual, I took the train to Basel. I really recommend the trains in Switzerland as it is easy and somewhat comfortable. And as always, I have to say undeniably expensive for the train ticket because it’s Switzerland. I’ve never been to Basel before nor I can speak German. The first thing I did when I arrived in Basel is to go to the Tourist Information office/centre and ask for the city map. They will gladly give you the city map and don’t forget to ask your destination in the map. Or you can just use your navigation from your phone, but I always prefer reading maps. Don’t forget to visit the Elisabethenkirche (church) when in Basel.

Fountain in Baselelisabethenkirche baselelisabethenkirche Doorelisabethenkirche basel 2

There are two locations for Basel Christmas Market. One is in Münsterplatz and another is in Bahrenplatz. The two locations are nearby each other but both a bit far from the train station (by foot). Sightseeing Basel city itself is a good idea if you are about to spend a day in Basel. Because I believe that the Basel Christmas Market is a must-see during the evening.

Street in BaselShops in Basel Christmas Market 2015Shopping in Basel Christmas marketChristmas Trees in BaselGift shop in Basel christmas market

The spot that I find it amusing in Basel is the Rhein River. From Münsterplatz, you can see the river clearly. Find a stair to go down to be more closer to the river. You can even cross the river by boat, but I don’t know much about it since I didn’t cross. One of the buildings that I find amusing is Museum Bistro. I didn’t get in there though. But I bet they serve good meals. They just located next to the museum (I don’t remember what museum it is). The Münster building itself is amazingly red and ginormous. Sadly, it was on renovation when I was there.

Rhine river in BaselHouse near Rhine riverDoor in BaselBoat in Rhine rivermisc plant in BaselBoat crossing the Rhine river in BaselSteps to the boatMunster in BaselMunster's door in BaselMunster's roof in BaselParked BicycleMuseumBistro

Anyway, now talking about the main event, Basel Christmas Market. As I said there are two locations, the Bahrenplatz is closer from the train station. Once I got to the Bahrenplatz, I saw this Pyramidentreff that usually like a small ornament for the candle and it will turn around, but this time it’s the giant version. Just below the Pyramidentreff, they sell drinks (and probably food). I bought the Gluhwein (mulled/hot wine) , which is a must-drink, and they give you the cute shoe mug with it for CHF 8.-. If you don’t feel like keeping the absolutely, adorable mug, you can return it and get a refund for CHF 3.-. For me, of course I’m keeping it.

PryamidentreffCrepes and WafflesMusic KeyMug from Basel christmas marke

Okay, to be honest, I don’t try any of the food in Basel Christmas Market. I know, how stupid I am. I did have high expectation about the Basel Christmas Market, but only got let down after circling the Bahrenplatz for three times and didn’t find any churros or foie gras sandwich (but available in Montreux Christmas Market). Despite that, I found Choco Kebab (not part of the Christmas Market). It seemed interesting to me, so I tried it. I ordered the Waffle with Nutella (CHF 6.50) and it was the best I’ve ever had (cause I never tried the Belgium waffle?). The waffle is made by order and I got it still hot and crunchy. Imagine that crunchiness from the waffle with Nutella and chocolate carve.

Choco Kebab CarvingWaffle from Choco Kebab

Just near the Choco Kebab, there’s CreaDiva which is the cutest store that sells, everything that I like (cards, postcards, paper related stuff, decorations, anything that is pretty and adorable). I recommend you to visit this cute store.


To be honest again, I didn’t buy anything from the Basel Christmas Market (except a gift from my friend). I went to both locations and felt that it’s too many shops but not so much in variation. Maybe I’m biased, it’not my favourite  (I’ve been to Montreux Christmas Market twice before the Basel one). It may be the biggest, but the size doesn’t matter if the content is not pleasing. The food they sell in Basel doesn’t really attracts me (that’s why I didn’t buy any apart from the red hot wine). Apart from the Rhein River, I’m unbelievably not impressed with Basel Christmas Market (repeating myself again, I might be biased).

Making CandleLamp Shop in Basel Christmas MarketMiniature shop in Basel christmas market

Happy New Year and I’m wishing you the very best of everything for 2016!

boat crossing the Rhine river

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