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March 9, 2016
Temple of the Jade Mountain

Visiting the oldest University in Hanoi, The Temple of Jade Mountain in the Turtle Lake, hanging out in the rooftop cafe with famous roundabout of Hanoi as the view are all the things I did on my second last day in Hanoi. Then it hit me that I’m gonna miss Hanoi so badly.

Pedestrian in Hanoi.jpg

Day 6

Started my routine with breakfast, on the sixth day I ate Bánh Đa Trộn which is like a salad but with rice noodles with vegetables and beef. One bowl is definitely not enough but just in case not to get bloated, one bowl was enough for me.

Hanoi rice noodleRice NoodleHanoian Food

If you ever visited Hanoi, you might notice a red bridge that is connecting to a small island in the Hoan Kiem Lake (Turtle Lake). That small island is the Ngoc Son Temple, or the Temple of the Jade Mountain. The red bridge symbolize as the Welcoming Morning Sunlight that lead the way to the Temple. There’s an entrance fee to this temple but it’s not that much (I forgot how much was it). You can see the Turtle Tower from temple as well. Actually you can see it from the banks of the lake, it’s pretty much the same thing.

Turtle Lake HanoiNgoc Son Temple BridgeNgoc Son Temple HanoiIncense Burner in Temple

I got my Vietnamese Calligraphy from the Ngoc Son Temple. You can choose a word that describe one thing that you want, such as Happiness (I chose this one), or Success, or Health, or Lucky, or Love or anything that they have in their catalog. They will write it in front of you and voila! You get a scroll of a word of your choice. I don’t really know about Vietnamese or any other Asian languages (except Indonesian) but my parents told me that it’s a Chinese word. But anyways, I feel like getting a calligraphy is the one of the most authentic souvenirs to bring home. Souvenirs are also available in the temple as they have a shop full of it.

Vietnamese CalligraphyCalligraphy in HanoiCalligraphy BrushGoldware

Then it’s time for another Electric Car City Tour. I think I was addicted to that tour or something. Nothing attracts me but a sustainable tourism. So here’s a glimpse of Hanoi again through the city tour.

Old Building in HanoiHanoi CityOld house in HanoiHanoi Opera HouseSt Joseph Cathedral HanoiVendor in Hanoi Street

The Roundabout of Hanoi, just near the Hoan Kiem Lake is very popular and where I learned how to cross the street like a boss in the busy city like Hanoi. Also, there’s a building full of cafes and with amazing view of the roundabout. I know I may sound weird when I say “amazing view of the roundabout” but it’s true. The packed road where cars are intersecting each other were. I sat in the Highlands Coffee and ordered my usual (lol, just six days in Hanoi and I already have the usual).

Roundabout in HanoiHighlands CoffeeHanoi Roundabout

Also one of the highlights of my day was visiting the Oldest University in Hanoi, the Temple of Literature. I was confused when I visited the Temple of Literature as there was no desk or classroom. The temple is dedicated to Confucius and also called the Temple of Confucius in Hanoi. This temple was built in 1070 and it was pleasing to be able to stand and walk around the ancient history.

Temple of LiteratureInside Temple of LiteratureLiterature Temple GardenOldest University in Hanoi

To celebrate my friend’s birthday, we went to the Rooftop Bar again and partied. I bought a macaron tower for the birthday girl from Saint Honore. Saint Honore (yes, just like the Paris street) is located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and they make delicious macarons! There was also a belly dance performance from the Rooftop Bar. After the long night, my friend took me to the a small place where they sell porridge. Porridge can be a good supper after partying.

Rooftop BarMacaron St Honore HanoiPerformance at Rooftop BarPorridge for Supper

Tomorrow will be my last full day in Hanoi.

Hanoi Rooftop View

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