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The FCTRY Bistro & Bar Jakarta

July 18, 2015

I’m back to my sweet hometown. Nothing feels better than stuck in the traffic for hours and the extreme heat from the sun (note the sarcasm). Nevertheless, I’m so excited to be home cause I’ve been looking at my friends’ Instagram and they are visiting cool, conceptual restaurants. Competition between restaurants in Jakarta are getting more serious, and I believe it’s due to the lifestyle of an urban citizen who prefer to eat outside their house.

Suggested by my cousin, we give FCTRY a try. It was lunch time and this restaurant located in Lippo Mall Puri, just below the St. Moritz apartment (not the one in Switzerland). The rustic interior of the restaurant does give me a feeling of something like warm (?). You will not miss the black pipe hanging in the wall when you first enter the restaurant.

FCTRY interior.JPG

One thing that I notice after I sit is the cutleries are beautiful (yes, I have a thing with cutlery, plates, and kitchen utensils) with the menu as the table mat. The table set-up is simple yet satisfying, it doesn’t give the impression like you’re eating somewhere typical Jakarta restaurant, but in FCTRY. You can also anticipate for bread and butter (bread plate and butter knife were set-up) cause restaurant that serve bread and butter, without doubt, is the best.

menu FCTRY.JPGbread and butter FCTRY.JPGbread buttereating bread

We shared the appetizers as I had a feeling that the dishes we ordered will come out in big portion. We chose Battered Calamari and Classic Caesar Salad. Surprisingly the Battered Calamari is different that what I’ve tried in other places for the past of my life. It was so crunchy and rigid. It’s not the loose kind of ring calamari.

battered calamaricaesar salad

Moving on to the next course, I got myself Panfried Salmon, where FCTRY use Norwegian Salmon served together with pomme purée, micro herbs and basil oil. It will never ever be a wrong choice if it a Norwegian Salmon. The crispiness of the skin with the soft tender flesh of the fish is perfect together.

panfried norwegian salmon.JPG

As I previously said in the ‘Vitrine‘ post, three things that I really love to see on my plate; egg, salmon and caviar. FCTRY do have two out of three of my favourite in Eggy’ B, poached egg and Norwegian smoked salmon. It also served with homemade English muffin and irresistible hollandaise sauce that goes very well with the slight salty salmon and the English muffin.

eggy bpoached egg salmon and hollandaise

One of the signature dishes of FCTRY is Crispy Pork Belly which was plated together with mashed potato. The delicate fatty meat and the extra crispy skin made me agree why they put this on the signature dish section.

crispy pork belly.JPG

Mama peanut is one of the cocktail FCTRY offers. I love this drink, its milky and chocolate yet you can feel the booze.

mama peanut cocktail.JPG

FCTRY also perfect for people who love to share their food as they have menu with really huge portion purposely to be eaten up to four people. FCTRY have the brunch menu (Eggy’ B is from the brunch section) only available from 9 am to 3 pm. The price range of FCTRY food starts from Rp. 40’000 to Rp. 650’000

In the end, I want to come back here and try out other dishes that are heart-warming and appetising.


Lippo Mall Puri

The St. Moritz, GF – 98

Jl. Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U1, Jakarta Barat

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