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February 11, 2016
ornament in coffee shop

The title is simply describe my second day in Hanoi. Shopping during broad daylight and delicious cocktails during nightfall. I was so satisfied with my haul and I did get beautiful clothes. It is surprising that outside of Vietnam, I never particularly heard that Vietnamese has great fashion designers. When the sun sets, Hanoi gets busier and prettier.

turtle lake from above.jpg

Day 2

The morning of my second day, I was woken up by the sound of roosters. Not that I’m complaining, it’s been a long time since I heard the cock-a-doodle-doo cry. My friend took me to a place, and if you ask me where, dare I say I do not know. There are hundred of streets in Hanoi. I ate Bun Bu Hue for breakfast and up until now, it is my favourite dish in here. Being an Asian, I’m very finicky regarding my noodle preference (is it like Italian and their pasta?). Yet, Bun Bo Hue gets it perfectly and just how I want my noodle. With a squeeze of lime, I ate the perfect dish of Beef Noodle with Soup. And I just realised that I don’t any decent picture of the Bun Bu Hue dish (crying at how dumb I was). 

But for brunch, I was eating Bun Cha. It’s where you dip the vermicelli to the dipping sauce (like a sweet sauce) and also eat it with fresh vegetables. The fresh vegetables is so you don’t get bored or feel too much with the dipping sauce. This dish is very refreshing and definitely a must-eat one because my friend was crazily recommend this dish.

Bun Cha for breakfastBun chaFresh vegetablesBun cha dip

In the afternoon, my friend took me to do a little shopping spree. I was amazed by how the clothes (design and material) they sell in Hanoi are seriously gorgeous. It is either my friend really knows where to shop, or my style match really well with people in Hanoi. And guess what, the clothes are inexpensive (this might be subjective, but I find value for money in it) and it’s made in Vietnam. We went to three stores; Bleubird, Item du jour, Up to Seconds (my personal fave!), Naked by V. I didn’t take pictures while I was shopping, because ain’t nobody got time for that! 

During our little shopping spree, We went to small cafe called Coco Deli. The ambience of the store is worth to visit. I love their balcony and just everything in it.

coco deli interior Hanoicoco deli interiorcoco deli balconycoco deli

Then I did a little visit to the most beautiful hidden coffee shop I’ve ever been to. I don’t know the name nor I know the location, but I love every bits of it when I was there. By the way, ordering Vietnamese Coffee is a must to make it official that you’ve been to Vietnam. There are Hot Vietnamese Coffee (which I don’t recommend during a hot, humid day) and the Iced Vietnamese Coffee. The ambience of the place makes me felt like I was in somebody’s home and I feel welcomed.

hidden coffee shop in hanoihidden coffee shopthe most beautiful hidden coffee shop in Hanoibridge in the coffee shopcoffee shop from aboveVietnamese coffeeornaments in hidden coffeeview from the coffee shop

Throughout the night, I went to eat at my friend’s friend restaurant where you do barbecue and hotpot for dinner. I thought that it’s an option between barbecue or hot pot, but it was actually eating korean style barbecue meat and then Thai hot pot. I was glutting myself until I can’t even… walk properly. It was an enjoyable meal until it became like a pressure to eat and forcing myself to chew and swallow. Just look how messy and greasy it is. That night was the revelation of how much Vietnamese ladies can eat (and they stay skinny!!!). 

barbeque grillbarbeque dinnerhotpot after bbq

After the dinner, we went to The Rooftop Bar. It has an amazing view and the best service. I said the best service because the staff always ready with their lighter whenever you want to light your cigarette and they light it for you. The staff also never let you to pour yourself a drink (when you order a huge amount of drink and when you’re a group of people) cause they will pour it for you (even when you just took a sip). They even give you food while you’re drinking. No, it’s not small peanuts or whatever it is they usually serve in bars, but it’s fruits (you can also have french fries). Fruits and alcohol goes well together. They have pretty awesome music playlist.

rooftop bar Hanoifruits in rooftop barflaming shot

P.s.: The awfully low quality of pictures are from my phone, because I didn’t bring my camera with me.

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