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Salm Brau Vienna

November 17, 2015
Salm Brau Vienna Austria

I went to Austria but not only to Salzburg. Vienna is a must for everyone who visit Austria. I took the train from Salzburg to Vienna which takes two and a half hour. I arrived in Vienna, tired and just want to put my luggage in the place I will stay. It took almost one hour just to find the apartment (I rent an apartment in Rennweg area) and I was starving. Thank goodness Salm Brau is the nearest high-ranked restaurant (based on Google). The atmosphere I feel once I entered Salm Brau is al fresco. They have indoor and outdoor (during night mostly) area. My first time in Salm Brau, I sat outside and the second time I sat inside. Everyone seems busy with their food or talking while drinking beer.

Order the Spare Ribs (€31.-) guys! It was amazing! I don’t know how to explain or maybe because words can’t even explain how delicious it is. From just looking at the pictures, I’m sure you can tell.

Spare Ribs for DinnerSpare ribsOne Portion Spare Ribs

When in Vienna, eat Schnitzel. It was, again, very yummy! If I remember it correctly, you can choose between pork or chicken Schnitzel. The portion is really big, it’s the same size as the plate. I was sharing everything with my friend, but if you’re a big eater, Salm Brau will satisfy you just fine.

SchnitzelPotato Dish

My friend ordered Viennese Sausage. In the menu, Viennese Sausage is in the appetizer section and it is true that you will still be hungry with just eating this. For me, it’s like a normal sausage but the bread is very delicious. I saw the Salm Brau’s menu and they do sell different type of bread, depending on the ingredients they use. Make sure you try the bread as well.

Viennese SausageDinner at Salm Brau

The second time I went to Salm Brau, I tried to order different food (even though the ribs are so tempting). I ordered Schinkenfleckerl (Austrian pasta). Again, very delicious. It was a very heavy pasta with ham and so many cheeses. Let’s not forget the amount per portion Salm Brau serve.

SchinkenfleckerlAustrian PastaPasta in Salm Brau

The other main course is Stelze (haunch of ham) for one person. They have various of menu depends on the amount of portion you want. The Stelze is served with Salm Brau’s specialty bread and horseradish. If you only have one time to eat in Salm Brau, I think you will have a hard time choosing Stelze or Spare ribs. Both are really amazing.

Stelze Salm BrauHaunch of Ham

Let’s not forget the beer, that makes everything even more amazingly tasty. I personally like the Böhmisch (dark beer) and my friend like the Märzen (red beer). Personally, the dark beer taste sweet. It also smells really nice. There’s a various type of beer, from light to brown. Drinking beer in Austria is one of the things you have to do before leaving Austria.

Salm Brau Beers

Location: Rennweg 8, 1030 Wien

Salm Brau Coaster

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