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Personal Hot Pot

February 15, 2016
personal hot pot

If you read the previous day post (Shopping, Coffee and Cocktails), you’ll know that I went out to The Rooftop Bar. After many drinks and got home safely, hangover also followed me home and decided to stay with me for a half day.

Day 3

The perk of having a hangover (I know that might sounds weird but it was seriously a perk), is eating Pho after that and appreciate the existence of Pho My friend brought a Pho. Don’t ask me where and what’s the name of it because if you were me, you don’t have time for that. The soup of the Pho is the main cure for hangover. The soft noodle of the Pho make it easier to chew as you are trying to feel better. And the meat is the energy you need to continue your day. Unfortunately, no picture of the Pho but you can see Waking Up in Hanoi if you really, really want to see a pic of Pho or simply never see a picture of Pho (this is when I feel sad for you).

In the late afternoon, I went to the mall (don’t know the name) and eat hotpot in Kichi-Kichi. That place is ideal for anyone. You will get your own hotpot and just take the ingredients from the bar. There are three choices of broth; kimchi, Thai, and mushroom (I ordered plain).

kichi-kichi hanoidinner for one in hanoi

I enjoyed every bit of it. I mean like you cook for yourself, you know how you want your hotpot to be, you don’t have to share it with anyone, you have your own preference ingredients, and Kichi-Kichi have varied ingredients too. If you’ve been following my blog, you know how often I’ve said Switzerland is extremely expensive, I will do the same for Hanoi but the opposite. Hanoi is extremely inexpensive and affordable. I will prove it to you. My friend and I, eating in Kichi-Kichi (which I think quite a decent restaurant), taking a lot of food from the bar (especially my friend who seemed can’t stop herself from taking the meat), and it’s only ₫ 538’000 (around $25) for the two of us and also our drinks. Now imagine the mouth-watering street food that can goes even cheaper that that.

delicious beefbeef hot potbeef for hot potdipping the beef to hot pothot pot in hanoivegetables for hot potudon for hot potdelicious hot potmeatballsquid for hot potsquid in hot pot

I love it here already.

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