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Mandolin Aegean Bistro Miami

May 8, 2015

Hello there. My name is Michelle and this is my blog. I can feel the awkward silence already since it feels like I’m talking to myself or to my dad and mom who I forced them to read my blog (Hi dad! Hi mami!). As my very first post in my very first blog, I will be talking/writing about my very first Greek-Turkish restaurant.

This restaurant was suggested by my friend, Anna (спасибо!). Sadly I was having a sore throat and I didn’t feel like eating heavy food that’s hard to swallow. For the appetiser, ordering Greek Salad feels like a mandatory dish to start with the summer. The Delicious chunk of tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, cucumber, bell peppers that really compliment each other.

Grilled Scottish Salmon was my friend’s main course and holy moly I really wished that I didn’t have a sore throat that makes you only drink hot mint tea the whole dinner time. It was perfectly grilled with the rawness and freshness still inside of the salmon flesh but harmonious with the crisp surface of the fish. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough not to take any picture at all. So all of this picture was taken from Google (not mine).

Mandolin Aegean Bistro is definitely an al fresco dining with the greenery and the warmth from the wood furniture really, really makes me feel for the entire dinner time that I wasn’t in Miami. It is pleasantly cozy and comfy dining under the tree, surrounded by plants, under the twinkling lights, and serve by the friendly waitress. I would definitely bring my family and friends to come here and just have an endless talk. You should too! Especially when you’re in Miami Design District.

Mandolin doormandolin greek salad

4312 NE 2nd Ave

Miami, Florida 33137


Type of cuisine: Refined Greek and Turkish cuisine

Dress code: Casual, smart casual

Best place to sit: Patio

Price range: $6-$36 ($$)


*Pictures in this blog post are not mine. From Google

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