How to Find a Job as a Fresh Graduate

March 21, 2017
How to find a job as a fresh graduate

As you probably don’t know (or don’t care), I’m in my last semester before getting my bachelor degree. With all the projects and exams, now I have to add another pressure to myself in finding a job. Before you read further more, I have to emphasize this that I’m no expert in this field, this is all purely my opinion and from my experience. Keep in mind that this post is different that the usual 😉

Perfect your CV

CV or resume some people may say is like your weapon when you’re going to the war (for me, it’s a war of finding the suitable job, a.k.a surviving). People who will hire you might not know you in person or never even heard of you. This CV is for you to somehow introduce yourself and tell them about your experiences, education and why you are perfect for the job. Like I said, CV is a weapon, so use it wisely so it won’t hurt you back or become useless.

Research, Research, Research

So what happen after you have the perfect CV? Do your research! Not only about the company you want to work with, but also about you. I think the most important thing is to know yourself more before you choose which company you want to work with. Do you like to work in office environment? Do you prefer to be in the field? Do you like to have a high contact with customers? Or you want to do something that makes you keep in touch with your creative side? There are some companies that let their employees grows because they care and they invest on them, but there are some companies that doesn’t prioritize those kind of things. That’s why you have to do your research.


Preparation? But I did my research already! But have you prepare for your interview? or any kind of tests there are from the companies you’re applying? Some companies need more than CV, usually they want cover letter or motivation letter. You should practice or prepare your cover letter accordingly to the company you’re applying. Make sure you mention all the qualities that you have and align it with the company’s qualities. For example if they are very customer-oriented company, mentions that you are very good at customer service (but don’t lie! Say it if you truly good at it, they’ll know). Try to bring out more the best of you than covering the worst part of you.


I know you have social media. Any kind of social media out there, you must have one, don’t you? Fortunately, there’s LinkedIn, the social media like Facebook but more on professionals level. I personally really recommend LinkedIn to everyone. LinkedIn is so useful to connect with your friends from high school, college, university, and companies. Some may say that LinkedIn is like your CV. It does have the features to put your previous working experiences, education, skills, and other cool stuff that is very helpful to boost your profile. I guess the only advice for LinkedIn is to use it wisely and manage/nurture it in order to help you in your professional life.

Job Search Engine

Just like when you need information for your assignments and you go to Google, when it comes to job searching, you should definitely go to job search websites. I don’t know if people still find job from newspaper or visiting the company and ask if they have an opening position. But job search website not only save you so much time, you also save money. Well, time is money. In several clicks, you have all the information you want to. You can filter out all the things you want and don’t want. One of the job search website I use (actually, it is currently the only job search website I use) is Neuvoo. You can find a lot of their websites based on countries that you want to look for a job. What I like about Neuvoo is they have the salary calculator (in some of the countries). As a blogger, I also very sensitive with the design of a website and Neuvoo makes it easy to navigates and it’s easy on the eye. I hate, hate, hate it when a website looks so ugly they don’t even deserve to exist in the Internet!

My final advice is try to use all the free facilities out there while you can! Not only you save money with all the modern technology and internet-stuff, you also save a lot of time, which means you can do job search or applying for jobs ten times more than people who don’t use it. All in all, wish you the best of luck for the job hunt (and wish me luck too!).

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