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Cafe Tomaselli Salzburg

October 29, 2015
Cafe Tomaselli Salzburg Austria

It was a beautiful day in Salzburg. I visited the Mozart Geburtshaus (Mozart’s birthplace) and walked around Altstadt Salzburg, which means the old town of Salzburg. Similar with the Cafe Mozart, I did my research on Cafe Tomaselli and decided to try it out.

Cafe Tomaselli

I may have found my favorite cafe in Salzburg. It is very cozy inside.I get the feeling of the past when I walk inside Cafe Tomaselli. The interior seems like an old, classic design. Locals and tourists are having lunch, and it was a busy day for Cafe Tomaselli. If you scared of not getting a table, Cafe Tomaselli has two floors indoor and outdoor. As I said, it was very crowded on the first floor, so I sat on the second floor. The outdoor terrace on the second floor is the best place to sit, depends on the weather.

Cafe Tomaselli Terrace

Cafe Tomaselli has a vast selection of breakfast menu, I would say. I didn’t found any steak or heavy meal. It’s either a variant of bread, egg, sausages and potato. It’s a breakfast menu type of meal. I had the Tomaselli Sausage & Scrambled Eggs (€ 8.10). It’s just sliced sausages with scrambled eggs, but very delicious. I think it’s because they use a certain type of sausages, probably Vienna sausage.

Tomaselli Sausage and Scrambled eggs

My friend had the Omelette with Ham & Cheese (€ 7.50) which she highly recommended. It is literally ham and cheese inside an omelette. But again, it’s ham. And cheese. In an omelette. What else do you need when you’re starving?

Omelette Ham and Cheese TomaselliHam and Cheese Omelette Tomaselli

The portions are quite small and just enough not to feel hunger. If you still have space for dessert (I think everyone have) that’s your cue to order the cakes. The bakery and the food (from the menu in the table) are different. You have to pay differently to the bakery, directly to the waiter. They will bring a tray full with a selection of desserts.

Cakes Cafe Tomaselli Salzburg

Since I’m on a mission to try every Sacher Torte in Austria, I ordered one (€ 3.70). I can tell that the Sacher Torte is freshly made from the good texture of the cake and the well-balanced of sweet. What I particularly love about Cafe Tomaselli’s Sacher Torte is the apricot. It is one of the essentials in Sacher Torte, and I can taste the apricot just well enough and it compensate the chocolate. I would give the cake a four out of five.

Sacher Torte Cafe TomaselliTiramisu Cafe Tomaselli

Tiramisu was the other dessert. To be honest, I prefer the Tiramisu (€ 3.70) than the Sacher Torte in Cafe Tomaselli. I might be biased because Tiramisu is my favorite dessert. But the Tiramisu was just heavenly. It tastes different, very light, and the mascarpone was not that strong-flavoured, and the highlight is that the base of the Tiramisu (the bottom layer) is Sacher Torte.

Cafe Tomaselli Tiramisu

I would suggest tea or coffee to drink with. A cup of tea is for €3.20 (there’s different type of tea) and a pot of tea is €4.90

Cafe Tomaselli TeaTea Cafe Tomaselli Salzburg

I’m very satisfied with Cafe Tomaselli. Happy tummy, happy me, right? Nothing beats a good food in a good place with a good service. Oh and I wanted to add that the toilet is kind of cool, it has this antique vibe (girls are fussy about unhygienic, dirty toilet). Anyway, you should never forget to eat (especially the dessert) in Cafe Tomaselli. It’s one of the many way to experience Salzburg.

Cafe Tomaselli Salzburg

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