Armor Kopi Bandung

June 28, 2016

I was lucky enough to experience a nice time in Armor Kopi before they close it (don’t know when they will re-open). Located inside the Djuanda Forest Park, Armor Kopi has been an oasis in the middle of tall, towering trees. To be honest, I’m not a coffee enthusiast, don’t drink coffee exaggerately and don’t know if a coffee taste good or not, but I’m sure it’s either the great selection of coffee they sell or the best location of a coffee shop can be. Another golden moment from this place was eating cireng and banana friters and sipping coffee (or tea in my case).

Forest Park Djuanda

The Armor Kopi shop was packed with people and there was no vacant table indoor or outdoor! My cousin was kind enough to wait for the empty table while me and my other cousins walk around the forest to take some pictures. We encountered a couple who was doing their pre-wedding photoshoot (they brought colored smokes for props). I also saw the golden hour/magic hour. The sunset light was shining through the trees, creating these define effects towards the tall trees.

Golden HoursTall TreesLook UpBlue Smoke in Forest
I feel like I don’t mind if the food or drink of Armor Kopi wasn’t peculiarly special because the scenery and location has win it all my heart already! However, Armor Kopi didn’t let me down. I ordered two plates of cireng (made from tapioca flour and dipped into oncom, a traditional fermented soy beans) and it was an ordinary snacks but surprisingly very suitable to the ambiance plus the golden hour, oh my God lemme stay there and eat cireng forever! The banana friters also a decent snacks in the cool weather and those cheese that comes with it, wins it all. For the drink, I drank tea and I honestly can’t descriptively describe a tea. My cousins did said the coffees were alright. You can tell that Armor Kopi is perfect for coffee enthusiast as they are selling coffee beans, different selection of brewing and etc. I also love how they serve the orders. They asked your name when you order and pay, and then they will literally shout your name. Shouting your name while bringing the order around the coffee shop till someone response. So imagine if you have such a mainstream like Michelle.

Armor Kopi CoffeeCoffee & Tea Armor KopiBanana Friters & CirengCireng

It was quite a ride to get to this place and it was worth the ride. Just note in mind that the Forest National Park Djuanda, where Armor Kopi located, is close at 6pm. Although Armor Kopi itself close at around 8pm, if you park inside the Forest National Park, you have to get out before they close. And also wear long sleeves and pants as there will be mosquitos and even the weather is quite chilly (well duh, it’s in the mountain).

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